Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Simmi-Parmeet plot to ruin Bhallas’ happiness


Raman and Ishita have a cute argument as usual while they head to the restaurant to discuss Roshni’s baby shower ceremony arrangements. Raman tells her that he was sure that she will agree seeing his efforts. She tells him that she has agreed for the sake of the children. They forget the arrangements and argue again. The power goes. Raman asks her not to show her bravery. She asks him to save her from a cockroach. He kills the cockroach. They have a moment while dealing with the petty issue. The family joins them. They make a plan to organize Roshni’s baby shower ceremony. Aaliya doesn’t feel comfortable in Roshni’s presence. Ishita thanks Aaliya for coming and completing their happiness. She realizes the pain Aaliya is going through. Aaliya tells her that she isn’t angry with Roshni and her, she is happy for welcoming Adi’s child. She shows her maturity. Ishita finds her sorrowful within. She wishes Aaliya finds real happiness.

Romi gets worried that he has no property to guarantee financial security and complete adoption process. He turns upset. The family plans for the baby shower ceremony. They give some responsibility to Romi as well. Romi apologizes to them and asks them to keep him out of it. Mihika takes up the responsibility on his behalf. Roshni thanks Ishita for always being supportive. Ishita tells Roshni that she had prepared for the baby shower ceremony as well. Roshni tells her that she has the right on the child first. She takes Ishita’s blessings. They have a private ceremony at home. Ishita wishes Roshni and the child to have a good life. Bhallas does arrangements for Roshni’s comfortable stay.

Raman tells them that Ishita will doubt on them if she sees so much arrangements. Aaliya tells them that she is looking after Roshni’s comforts. The family gets surprised with Aaliya’s gesture. Raman makes sure that everything goes fine. Simmi and Parmeet learn about the ceremony and face humiliation from Raman. They plan to ruin the ceremony. Simmi gets angry seeing the family wishing so much for Adi’s child. Parmeet doesn’t want them to celebrate happiness. He assures Simmi that he won’t spare Ishita and Roshni. Roshni faces some insecurities, which Ishita resolves by her advice. Bhallas reach them to take Roshni for the ceremony. Ishita meets her mother after a long time and wishes she forgives her. Bhallas and Iyers get Roshni to the venue and celebrate the ceremony in grand style. Parmeet makes a plan to harm Roshni’s baby. He hires the women to scare Roshni. Roshni falls in trouble.


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