Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: An awkward situation for Kartik and Naira

KaiRa union to face high criticism in Yeh Rishta...

Kartik wins the arm wrestling match and brings a smile on Naira’s face. She gets glad. Kartik doesn’t talk to her. Kirti sends a dress for Naira for the freshers’ party. Naitik asks Naira to value Kirti’s dress and wear the dress. He wants her to stay happy. He tells Chitti that he wants to see Naira smiling. Naira fakes smile and shows him that she is happy, she will not miss the freshers’ party. Manish worries that Suwarna has learnt about Naira. He looks for Suwarna. He books his ticket for Mumbai. Suwarna plans the surprise visit so that she can meet Kartik. Bau ji feels unwanted, when everyone stops him from doing any work. He gets bored at home. He wishes the family understands his feelings, that he doesn’t want to be treated like a sick person. Kirti finds him disturbed.

Kunal asks Naira for dancing with him, to which she refuses. He tells her that he holds her secret that she is married. He asks her to dance with him, else he will tell her marital status to everyone. Kartik turns jealous on seeing Naira with Kunal. Dean asks Kartik to go with the flow and dress up like the students, to look perfect for the party. Kirti suggests Devyaani that they should think something to busy Bau ji. Devyaani wants him to take some rest as he has retired. She doesn’t understand that he is feeling let down. Kirti sends a costume for Kartik as well. Kartik dresses as Sholay’s Veeru, while Naira dresses as Basanti.

The freshers’ party begins in full swing. Kunal tells his friends that he is awaiting Naira, he has trapped her and there is no way that she gets saved. The freshers’ give their introduction on stage. Kunal tells them about his partner Naira. Kartik gets surprised when Tanvi turns into Kunal’s partner. Kunal and Tanvi perform on the song. Kartik gets a bigger surprise on finding Naira as Basanti. Kartik and Naira realize what Kirti wanted to do. Kirti wishes they come closer and end their issues. Kunal asks Naira for refusing to him. She tells him that she won’t dance with him. She doesn’t care for his threatening.

Bau ji gets electrocuted when he goes to fix the fuse. Devyaani asks him not to do any work at home. Naksh asks him to just take rest, as he is getting old now. Bau ji feels bad that he is getting cornered because of his age. Dean finds Naira and Kartik’s costumes matching and tells them to play a scene from Sholay. Everyone asks them to dance together, to which they refuse. They get into an awkward situation. Kartik and Naira unwillingly fulfill the task, which brings them closer. Kunal plans to humiliate Naira in the party.


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