Krishna Chali London: Krishna denies to Bela’s indecent motives


Krishna calls up Bua and complains about Shukla family. She vents out her frustration. Bua doesn’t feel bad and asks Krishna to keep calling her to vent our anger. Krishna feels she has landed in a wrong house. Bela and her husband romance. They make a plan to get everything of the house in their hands. They want to control the house as Shukla does. The family men praise Krishna for her smartness. Shukla tells them that Krishna should have answered his friends just on his command, but she has shown her bold values, which isn’t good for the family fame. He doesn’t want Krishna to speak at her own will. Gajanan and Lali show maturity in handling Radhe and Krishna. Lali guides Krishna and asks her to go to sleep. She helps Krishna. She assures Krishna that everything will go well.

Radhe feels restless and runs to Krishna to meet her and provide drinking water. He goes to meet her, which gets misunderstood by his mum. Krishna gets the water for herself. She scolds Radhe and makes him out of the room. Krishna gets scolded by his mum, who counts her character and values again. Krishna tells her that she didn’t call Radhe. Radhe’s mum asks her to control her emotions. Bela proposes Krishna to join her against the family.

Krishna refuses to her on knowing her wrong intentions. Bela then spits in her tea and vents out anger. She tells Krishna that they should snatch the control from Shukla and his wife. Krishna gets worried seeing the evil-minded people in the family. Radhe’s mum keeps Krishna’s Mu dikhai and expects everything to go fine. Krishna gets insulted by some women and then teaches them a lesson.


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