Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira to get surprised by Dadi’s arrival


Kartik and Naira enact a scene from Sholay on the Dean’s request. They have a close moment during the act. Kunal then humiliates Naira and breaks her marital status to everyone. Kartik gets angry on Kunal for insulting Naira. He wants to teach a lesson to Kunal. Naira breaks down seeing her posters and everyone gossiping about her. Everyone calls her aunty ji. Kartik witnesses the matter and goes on the stage to defend Naira. Naira handles the matter maturely and gets Kartik’s support.

Goenkas worry for Dadi, who has gone somewhere without informing them. Dadi reaches Mumbai and goes to meet Kartik at the Imperial College, as she has planned the surprise visit to meet Kartik. Kartik confronts Naira for her speech. Naira’s troubles get high again. She faces Kartik’s wrath. Kartik has a misconception. He asks her does she not want anyone to know about her marriage. He scolds her for giving such a speech in front of everyone and making her husband look like a villain in her life.

He asks her did she get what she wanted, she has got a chance to insult him on stage in front of everyone, she could have told everyone that this is her husband, with whom she got married unfortunately. He says you should have told them that I have hurt you so much, why didn’t you tell them. She tells him that she will decide what to say and what to not, he can’t make her feel guilty by taunting her. He tells her that she doesn’t feel guilty even when she was at fault. She tells him that she just does what her heart wants. Naira goes back on the stage.

There will be many revelations in the show. Dadi becomes the chief guest for the Freshers’ party. Dadi realizes Kartik has been hiding the truth that he is working in the same college where Naira is studying. Dean asks everyone to applaud and welcome Suhasini Goenka as the chief guest. He asks Dadi to crown Mr and Miss Fresher. Naira wins the title of Miss Freshers. Naira gets a big surprise when she sees Dadi in her college. Dadi gets a shock knowing about Naira. Dadi and Naira share the same stage. Dean asks Kartik to join them on stage. Kartik and Dadi pay the honor to Naira. Dadi makes Naira wear the crown. She hugs Naira. She gets helpless and tells Naira that she can’t take her home. Dadi has also left the home like Naira, since Suwarna isn’t forgiving Naira. Dadi feels Suwarna has done injustice with Naira. Kartik is still annoyed with Naira, but he thinks to take a stand for Naira.


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