Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Another conflict to draw KaiRa apart

Yeh Rishta Shocking: A depressing phase for KaiRa

Kartik and Naira blame each other for not refusing to the Dean’s request. They get helpless to enact the scene from Sholay movie, as they are dressed accordingly in the party. Naira finishes the lines fast and doesn’t make it entertaining. The students ask Naira to act well. Kartik and Naira act like Dharmendra and Hema Malini from the movie. They enact the scene of shooting at the mango. Kunal gets angry seeing Naira with Kartik, when she refused to dance with him. Kunal plans to defame Naira by revealing her marital status. Elsewhere, Kirti understands that retirement life is tough for Bau ji. She tries to keep him occupied so that he doesn’t get depressed. She tells him that she doesn’t understand about accounts. He helps her and tells her that this work is too easy for him. He gets happy to get some work.

Kartik and Naira recall their old moments of togetherness while being on the stage during the act. They go to change their costumes, while the winners for the eve is declared. Dean learns that Suhasini Goenka has arrived. He requests her to come to the freshers’ party straight. Naira becomes Miss Freshers. Kunal prints Naira’s posters which states that she is married. Dean welcomes Dadi and takes her to the party hall. The posters fly down and spread out while Naira is on the stage. The students learn about Naira’s marital status and make it an issue, as if Naira has no right to study in the college since she is married. Kartik learns that Kunal has done this to take revenge from Naira.

The students discourage Naira for studying so late in her life. They call her an aunty and disrespect her. Naira sheds tears. She tells them that she didn’t hide anything, she would have told them if they asked her directly. She tells them that she didn’t do any crime if she is married, she can’t quit her dreams if she is married, she wanted to pursue a career in management. She justifies herself. She tells them that her marriage or life partner doesn’t affect her studies, just her dreams matter to her.

The students realize that she has moved on in life after having a bad marriage. She tells them that its her right to move on and make her name. Naira then gets applauded. Kartik feels Naira has taunted him indirectly in her speech. He goes to confront her. Bau ji enjoys the work given by Kirti and asks her to keep telling him if she needs any help. Tanvi asks Naira why didn’t she tell her that she is separated, who is her husband who cheated her. Kartik overhears their conversation. Tanvi misunderstands Naira’s husband. Naira doesn’t disclose Kartik’s name. Kartik confronts Naira for his humiliation. They get into a heated argument. They get surprised when Dadi turns up at the event as the chief guest.


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