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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara and her in-laws visit Zara’s house for the Iftaari function. Zara’s family welcomes Kabeer’s family. Kabeer doesn’t attend the function. He is waiting for the decision of Shariah board. He is upset with Zara, as she has gone against him. Zara misses Kabeer. She breaks her fast alone. She didn’t see any option and took this decision to go to her mum’s house. Zara gets happy when Kabeer messages her. There is a cute scene between them. Zara tells Kabeer that she won’t meet him, she will not talk to him. Kabeer sends Iftaari for her and sends a sweet message. Zara then takes care of her dad. She shares her decision with him. He supports her like always. Zara wants to fight for women’s rights. Kabeer and Zara meet in the Shariah board and have the conflict again. Zara wants to sort the petty issues women face in the society.

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha:

Kanchan learns about Vishesh in trouble and runs to save him. Vishesh tells Kanchan that she cares for him so much, it means she loves him a lot. He asks Kanchan to realize her love. He also expresses his love to Kanchan and proposes her for marriage.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren tries to find Angraj’s body. Supriya attempts to commit suicide and scares Naren. Naren promises her that he will find Angraj’s dead body. He checks for the body in Pooja’s house, believing Pooja’s family has hidden the body. He starts questioning Pooja and creates a hurdle in Anuj’s final rites. Supriya also vents out anger on Pooja. She stops the final rites of Anuj and asks them to let her do Angraj’s final rites. She threatens them and says Anuj won’t get soul peace till they hand over Angraj’s body. The families shatter. Naren and Pooja break apart because of Angraj’s conspiracy.

Krishna Chali London:

Radhe takes a stand for Krishna. He stops Shukla from scolding Krishna. Shukla yells at Krishna knowing her London plans. Krishna’s dream of becoming a doctor breaks. She got the medical admission form, which gets torn by Shukla. Shukla tells her that she is just a trophy for them, she is already educated and she doesn’t need to study further. He reminds her that she is now married to Radhe. Radhe feels bad seeing Krishna’s insult. He opposes Shukla. He asks Shukla to let Krishna fulfill her dreams.

Jiji Maa:
Falguni has lost her memory since she had a head injury. She becomes a five year kid mentally. Falguni goes to room and checks her cupboard. She likes the things and dresses up like a kid. Suyash finds her playing and helps her out. She gets scared of him. She calls him a ghost. She also expresses her hatred for Niyati. She just loves Uttara in her mentally unstable state. Suyash gets worried seeing her weird behavior.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Kartik turns angry after the Freshers party. He doesn’t like talking to Naira. He finds her having a fall and runs to help her. They have a moment. They learn about Tanvi’s MMS. Naira helps Tanvi. Tanvi’s video goes viral. Tanvi gets to see the video. She gets panicking. She avoids everyone in the college. Tanvi asks Naira if she can take help from professor Goenka. She believes Kartik will understand her problem and will get her out of the mess. Kartik tells the board that they have to find who is behind this and they have to take a strict action. He does a trustee’s duty. He tells the Dean that they can’t take this matter lightly, this can affect Tanvi’s life, its important to punish the guy. Dadi is with Kartik now and guides Kartik for helping Naira’s friend. Naira tells Tanvi that everything will get fine. Kartik assures Tanvi that he will set things and not let her receive defamation. Dadi also can’t tolerate a girl’s disrespect.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
Mahender returns home and meets Kulfi. She gets scared of Amyra. She rushes to him to get help. Kulfi tells him that there is a ghost in the house. He tells her that there is nothing like ghosts. Amyra and Cutie scare her. On the other hand, Lovely is trying to please Sikander. She takes an Indian avatar. She tells Sikandar that they will remarry. She does a drama.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Roshni gets kidnapped. She shouts for help. She gets too stressed. She wants Ishita to save her child. Simmi and Parmeet have locked Roshni in the dark place. They don’t want Bhallas to get their heir. Simmi leaves the food for Roshni. Parmeet argues with Simmi for having sympathy for Roshni’s child. Simmi doesn’t want Roshni’s child to die. She tells Parmeet that she just wants to trouble Bhallas and scare Roshni for some time. Parmeet takes Simmi away from Roshni. Bhallas are also worried when Roshni goes missing. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to find Roshni soon, she won’t be fine if she takes much stress. Roshni and her child’s lives are in risk. Bhallas inform police. They meet a cop and ask him to find Roshni.


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