Jiji Maa: A shocking change to take over Falguni’s life

Jiji Maa Falguni to lose her newborn baby

Falguni finds Niyati and tries to save her life. She sees the time ending and worries when she finds the water flowing in the tank. Niyati struggles for her life. Suyash gets a phone for Gayatri to gift her. He looks ahead to live happily with Falguni and Gayatri. Uttara calls up Falguni and tells her that she won’t be able to save Niyati. She asks Falguni to sacrifice her life if she wants to save Niyati. She asks Falguni to go ahead and save her sister, but at the cost of losing her life. Niyati doesn’t want Falguni to die. She asks Falguni to stop. She wants Falguni to leave from the place. Falguni tells Niyati that she can’t live by losing her.

She thinks for Niyati’s life and goes to free her by risking her life. Gayatri comes there and saves Falguni and Niyati. She asks Falguni to leave from there for the sake of Suyash. She sacrifices her life to save them. She thinks of Jayant and Suyash before her last breath. She happily accepts death. She dies in the blast, while Falguni and Niyati receive a huge shock. They take Gayatri to the hospital. Niyati faints by the stress. Falguni worries for her. Falguni informs Suyash about Gayatri and Niyati’s serious state. She calls Suyash at the hospital. She breaks down and confronts the Lord for doing this again. She doesn’t want to lose Gayatri who is like her mum. She asks Lord to save Gayatri and Niyati. Uttara finds Falguni alive. Falguni scolds her for playing with everyone’s lives.

She scolds Uttara for attempting to kill them. She tells Uttara that she will expose her today and make everyone hate her. Falguni asks nurse about Niyati. She worries for Niyati’s life. She gets a huge shock when doctor breaks the news of Gayatri’s death. Falguni calls Suyash and tells him that their mum didn’t survive. She breaks down. Suyash tells her that he is reaching the hospital. Falguni runs out of the hospital to meet Suyash. Before she could tell anything to Suyash, Uttara and Balwaan try to shoot her and kill her. Suyash asks Falguni the matter. Falguni cries for Gayatri’s death. Suyash learns that his mum is no more. He shatters knowing it. Balwaan aims to shoot down Falguni, but something shocking happens that changes Falguni’s life. Uttara shoots Falguni to shut her mouth forever.


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