Mayavi Maling: Maharaj Shil Aditya to declare Maling’s heir

Maling spoilers

Pranali meets Angad and doesn’t see Madhumali with him. He sheds tears for Trishanku’s death. He tells Pranali that he wants to figure out his dad’s death. Angad laughs while fooling Pranali. Adhivanth gets troubled that Garima is getting mistaken about his feelings. Eshwarya and Garima wonder who has killed Trishanku. They have a believe that Maharaj Shil Aditya will surely find out the culprit. Shil Aditya promises Angad that he will find the culprit within a day’s time. He gets his family’s help in finding the real truth behind Trishanku’s death. He gets worried on his failure. Angad does the havan for Trishanku’s soul peace. He gets into good books of Maling Rajya. Shil Aditya feels guilty that he couldn’t protect his friends and guests in the Rajya.

He tells them that he has decided to expose the culprit in front of everyone. He reveals that he is the culprit, since he failed to save his best friend. He tells them that he will accuse himself and punish himself to do justice with Trishanku. The family opposes Shil Aditya’s decision. Angad asks Shil Aditya not to punish himself, else the real culprit will be encouraged to do more crimes like that.

Shil Aditya feels he is at fault since he couldn’t save Trishanku being the Maling King. Angad tells him that everyone believes him. He forgives Shil Aditya and asks him to have patience. He assures that he will find the root of the matter. Shil Aditya wants everyone to find the culprit to help him get rid of the guilt. He sacrifices his throne to punish himself. He feels he has failed to do the justice. He removes his crown. He declares his righteous heir. Angad gets happy that Shil Aditya will be choosing him. Everyone waits for his decision and wonder who will be crowned the next king.

They don’t want any injustice with the other family members. Eshwarya stays worried. Chegu comes to meet her and surprises her. She reveals the entire matter of Trishanku’s death. Chegu helps her in finding the bottle. She tells him that she wants to ask Antara and know who has killed Trishanku. She asks Chegu to take her to Kalkivan so that she can get her answers.


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