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    Jiji Maa

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik confronts Naira for insulting by her speech against her husband. He vents out anger on Naira. He asks her why did she not tell them his name. She doesn’t answer him. He tells her that she has to answer him, she can’t run away. She tells him that she will answer the one she wants, she won’t just obey him. He scolds her for acting helpless and gaining everyone’s sympathy. She makes it clear that she follows her heart. She yells at him for venting his anger out. She asks him does he really hate her. She asks him to do anything, as he has oust her from the house already. They then realize that they are in the family. Naira gets glad when Tanvi and everyone support her. Naira tells her that marriage doesn’t change anything in life. Dean requests the chief guest Suhasini Goenka to come on the stage. Kartik and Naira get a huge shock on seeing her.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Raman and Ishita carry out Roshni’s baby shower ceremony happily. Roshni shows her wonderful mehendi to Ishita. Raman taunts Ishita for her oldie avatar. He keeps hitting her, while she avoids him. Ruhi asks Ishita to apply her mehendi. She asks Raman to get snacks for Ishita. Raman and Ishita have an argument. Ruhi instigates them to have a dance together. Raman challenges Ishita and teases her calling her a coward. Ishita takes the challenge and tells him that she is a better dancer. They hit the dance floor and show some amazing dance moves to fail each other. They get busy in the dance, while the women hired by Parmeet find chances to harm Roshni. Everyone cheers for Raman and Ishita.

    Jiji Maa:

    Falguni finds Niyati and tries to save her life. She sees the time ending and worries when she finds the water flowing in the tank. Niyati struggles for her life. Suyash gets a phone for Gayatri to gift her. He looks ahead to live happily with Falguni and Gayatri. Uttara calls up Falguni and tells her that she won’t be able to save Niyati. She asks Falguni to sacrifice her life if she wants to save Niyati. She asks Falguni to go ahead and save her sister, but at the cost of losing her life. Niyati doesn’t want Falguni to die. She asks Falguni to stop. She wants Falguni to leave from the place. Falguni tells Niyati that she can’t live by losing her.

    Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

    Madiha worries that Mariam is waiting for her uncle. Mariam refuses to break the fast and celebrate the Roza kushai. She tells Madiha that Majaaz will be getting her uncle soon. She waits for the special guests to arrive. She refuses to have her favorite things. Madiha calls up Majaaz and asks him to come home, so that he can explain Mariam about breaking the fast. Majaaz tells her that he is on the way, he will come home soon and convince Mariam. The people wait for breaking the fast. Majaaz comes home and asks Mariam to break the fast for everyone’s sake.

    Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

    Nihalo creates a scene and tells the villagers that Mahender is kidnapping Bholi. She gains sympathy and tells the villagers that Mahender is eyeing them as her husband is away. Mahender tells them that Nihalo is lying. He makes an apology and leaves from there. He visits a Dargah. Sikandar and his Guru ji sing together and have a musical jam, which inspires Kulfi too. She sings along too, and shocks Sikandar and his Guru ji to the core. The song connects to Sikandar and Kulfi’s heart. Sikandar feels sorry to hurt Nimrat’s heart and do wrong with her. Sikandar stops singing and cries. Kulfi doesn’t let the continuity break and sings ahead. Guru ji blesses Kulfi for having a pure voice.

    Mayavi Maling:

    Pranali meets Angad and doesn’t see Madhumali with him. He sheds tears for Trishanku’s death. He tells Pranali that he wants to figure out his dad’s death. Angad laughs while fooling Pranali. Adhivanth gets troubled that Garima is getting mistaken about his feelings. Eshwarya and Garima wonder who has killed Trishanku. They have a believe that Maharaj Shil Aditya will surely find out the culprit. Shil Aditya promises Angad that he will find the culprit within a day’s time. He gets his family’s help in finding the real truth behind Trishanku’s death. He gets worried on his failure. Angad does the havan for Trishanku’s soul peace. He gets into good books of Maling Rajya. Shil Aditya feels guilty that he couldn’t protect his friends and guests in the Rajya.


    A new entry of Mihir Awasthi happens. The man is a mentalist and a fortune teller, who is equipped with all the miraculous powers to tell a person’s current and past state of mind, along with the future happenings that could occur in a person’s life. It seems more like a joke to Anika till she meets Mihir herself. The man surprises her by his amazing skills to know about people without any prior interaction. Anika wants to know if Shivay and her love story would get possible if they didn’t meet before like the way they had met. Shivay too gets influenced with Mihir. He also wants to test time and know if his love is ahead over time and destiny. Shivay and Anika have a dilemma going on in hearts.


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