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Nimki Mukhiya:
Babbu tells Tetar that he will kill Nimki and Nahar Singh too, if he loses his mind. Nimki faces his threatening. Tetar stops Babbu. She takes Babbu light and asks him to kill her and go to jail. She provokes him further. She asks Tetar not to scold Babbu, he is already immature. She makes Babbu out of the room and shuts the door. Tetar gets fed up of Babbu’s drama. Babbu and Nimki won’t change.


Meera has left the house. She returns her bangles to Vivaan. She breaks ties with Vivaan. She asks him not to help and lifts the baggage herself. Roma gets happy that Meera has left the house. She wanted to see this day. She then takes a disguise of an aunty Kaur. She meets Vivaan and gets the job of his secretary. She wants to be around Vivaan and expose Roma in front of him. She is planning to save Vivaan from Roma’s evil motives. No one identifies Meera in the new getup.

Siddhi Vinayak:
Shivam shows the evidence to Vin and Siddhi. He tells them that Riddhi is his wife and Juhi’s mother. Vin gets moved and asks Riddhi is this true. Vin scolds her and asks is she Shivam’s wife. Siddhi denies everything and tells Vin that Shivam is lying. Siddhi breaks out the news that she isn’t Riddhi Sinha, she isn’t Pratima’s grand daughter, she is actually Siddhi Joshi, who got a new face and identity after Pratima saved her life post the fire incident. Vin gets a huge shock on knowing her identity truth.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Shruti and Karan get married. Sahil does her kanyadaan. He blesses them. Vedika wanted to tell Sahil about Karan and Nidhi’s relation and child. She feels guilty that she has pushed Sahil towards Nidhi, believing Nidhi is a nice girl. She now wants to stop Sahil from accepting Nidhi. She calls up Sahil to tell her Nidhi’s truth. Nidhi answers the call and gets to hear Vedika telling Sahil about her past. Vedika asks Sahil to stop everything in the wedding, but Sahil misses to know the truth about Karan and Nidhi. Sahil doesn’t want Nidhi in his life. Karan knows this and wants to take the child’s responsibility. Nidhi refuses to Karan and tells him that she wants to remain Sahil’s wife. She tells him to get in Agarwal family by marrying Shruti. Karan and Nidhi plan everything. Nidhi plots Vedika’s accident. Sahil learns about the accident and shatters.


Chakor saves Imli from Ragini’s clutches. Imli couldn’t believe that Chakor saved her life. She gets emotional when Chakor sheds her blood and risks her life to save her. Vivaan tells Imli that Chakor was never wrong, Imli had a misconception about her sister. Chakor also explains Imli that she didn’t ruin her marriage, she didn’t tell Vivaan about her miscarriage, why would she go against her sister. Imli breaks down and gets a shock. She turns mentally unstable, feeling guilty that she has tried to ruin Chakor and Suraj’s lives for no reason. Chakor decides to keep Imli with them. Kasturi and Bhuvan get against Chakor, when Imli goes mad and attacks Bhuvan.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:

Nandini is pregnant. Rajdeep compels her for the abortion. Nandini suffers from a miscarriage. Mauli reaches there at the hospital and treats Nandini. She learns Rajdeep’s tortures and hugs Nandini. She cries for her friend. She stops Rajdeep from meeting Nandini. She asks him is he a devil to leave Nandini on the roads knowing she is pregnant. She blames him for the accident. Rajdeep asks her not to poke her nose in his personal matter, he is Nandini’s legal husband and its their matter. She asks him does he have any humanity. He tells her that he doesn’t want to hear her lecture, the pregnancy just completed two months, its not a big issue, they can plan a family anytime they want.

Roop and Ranvir have a wrestling match. Ranvir gets hurt. Roop wins the match. Ranvir takes some rest and asks Kinjal not to tease him. Shamsher feels proud of Roop who passes his test. Kinjal praises Roop and irritates Ranvir. She tells Ranvir that they have to accept that Roop is getting famous and praised by all the people. She says my brother has won in the wrestling, you are shameless to lose and eat halwa. Ranvir gets angered. Kamla doesn’t want Roop to do wrestling, but Shamsher wants Roop to become a real man. She asks Shamsher not to send Roop for wrestling practice, he might get hurt. He asks her not to get scared, Roop is learning things as per the worldly norms, if she limits him at home, Roop won’t learn anything, if he doesn’t fall, how will he learn to handle himself. He asks Kamla not to make Roop mentally weak.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Aijaz meets Asha and gives her sweets. He tells her that he forgot to invite her in Mariam’s Roza Kushai. Dadda scolds Aijaz. Aijaz calls him a thief. She vents out anger. He promises her that he will give her a special dinner invitation, but she gets insulting her. She curses him and throws a glass at him, asking him to run away. Aijaz runs away and finds Mariam outside. He asks what is she doing here. Mariam questions him about the person shouting on him. He tells her that he has shut a devil in the room. He doesn’t let her see Asha. Mariam gives his walking stick.

Meri HaniKarak Biwi:
Vallabh plots to get Akhilesh and Ira drifted apart. He lies to both of them and gets the divorce papers signed by Akhilesh. Ira then learns that Akhilesh wants freedom from their fake marriage and signs the papers in anger, which makes Vallabh glad. Vallabh asks Akhilesh not to come between Ira and her dreams of becoming a successful doctor. He reminds Akhilesh his promise of supporting Ira’s dreams. Vallabh feels Ira’s dreams will be shattered if she settles down with Akhilesh. Ira looks forward for Akhilesh’s reversal surgery and then part ways with him. She fails to know his love feelings for her.


A new story of true love will be seen in Ishqbaaz. Shivay and Anika wonder if they reach back in time and reach the same place, but if they don’t meet, will they fall in love. They doubt on the uncertainties and questions themselves to know the power of their true love. Anika tells Shivay that they will surely meet even if they miss out their first meet, since the universe will conspire their meeting some other ways, true lovers are destined to meet.


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