Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya’s reverse psychology to work on Abhi


Pragya convinces Abhi to do the world album using reverse psychology on Abhi. She tells him that King is very happy and she is also very happy as Abhi backed out of the world album, now King will perform Solo which will make his new fans and bring more popularity. She tells him that he did right by backing off else he would have defeated with King on the stage. She claims King to be the best. Abhi takes it as a challenge and tells that he will do world album and prove that he is the best. Pragya sticks to her words and tells King is the best. Abhi gets irritated with Pragya for praising King and says after the album, I will not give you a chance to praise King.

Pragya thinks her idea worked on Abhi and now his career and reputation will be saved. She takes an initiative to convince him and gets happy. She is about to go, but hides seeing Suwarni Dadi. Suwarni Dadi sees Pragya hiding and asks her not to hide from anyone and says as she has full right on the house. She asks her to ask unconcerned people to leave, first fold your hands and if they don’t agree, then kick them out. Pragya cries and gets emotional. She tells Dadi that she is helpless and can’t do anything. King comes to know that Abhi is doing world album again. He gets surprised and thinks Abhi’s decisions can’t be believed.


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