Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Zain to surprise Mariam and sort family issues


Madiha worries that Mariam is waiting for her uncle. Mariam refuses to break the fast and celebrate the Roza kushai. She tells Madiha that Majaaz will be getting her uncle soon. She waits for the special guests to arrive. She refuses to have her favorite things. Madiha calls up Majaaz and asks him to come home, so that he can explain Mariam about breaking the fast. Majaaz tells her that he is on the way, he will come home soon and convince Mariam. The people wait for breaking the fast. Majaaz comes home and asks Mariam to break the fast for everyone’s sake.

She tells him that her uncle will feel bad if she doesn’t wait for him. Zain sends the gifts for Zain on Wasim’s behalf so that she can break the fast. The man tells Mariam that Wasim couldn’t come and has just sent the gifts. Mariam then breaks the fast and celebrates her Roza Kushai. Mariam’s mischief troubles Aijaz again.

Mariam writes the essay and asks Majaaz his likes and dislikes so that she can project him as her role model. Aijaz gets upset with Mariam. Zain asks Fawad to make him his role model. Fawad gets into an argument with Zain. Rifat scolds Zain for making Fawad cry. Rifat asks Zain to choose a proposal, as she wants him to marry soon. Rihaan tells his dad that he is working on his enmity. Rihaan says I know your arch rivalry. Sarfaraz wants Aijaz to pay for his revenge. He asks Rihaan to marry Mahira and get her home so that they can settle scores.


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