Piyaa Albela: Naren and Pooja’s sorrowful break-up next

Pooja finds Naren

Naren gets arrested for Anuj’s murder. However, Harish bails him out. Supriya asks Naren to bring back Angraj’s body from Pooja’s house. She doubts on Gupta family for hiding Angraj’s body and asks Naren to promise her. Naren files a Police complaint against Gupta family. Inspector Shivani comes and stops Anuj’s last rites rituals and tells about Naren’s complaint. Pooja tries to change Naren’s decision, but he pushes her and announces that until his brother’s body is found, Anuj’s last rites will not be done. He checks the house for Angraj’s body. Pooja takes a stand for her dead brother. Inspector Shivani asks her to let Naren check in the house.

Naren tries to find Angraj’s body. Supriya attempts to commit suicide and scares Naren. Naren promises her that he will find Angraj’s dead body. He checks for the body in Pooja’s house, believing Pooja’s family has hidden the body. He starts questioning Pooja and creates a hurdle in Anuj’s final rites.

Supriya also vents out anger on Pooja. She stops the final rites of Anuj and asks them to let her do Angraj’s final rites. She threatens them and says Anuj won’t get soul peace till they hand over Angraj’s body. The families shatter. Naren and Pooja break apart because of Angraj’s conspiracy. Naren tells Pooja that he is justified to kill Anuj, as he lost his brother. Pooja’s family doesn’t trust Angraj. Angraj has gone missing. Pooja thinks someone is trapping them. She tells Naren that they didn’t hide Angraj’s body, once Anuj’s final rites happen, they will look for Angraj. Naren and Pooja get separated once again.


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