Udaan: Chakor to sacrifice her relations; New track to bring big twists

Udaan: Raghav to enter Chakor's life

Chakor saves Imli from Ragini’s clutches. Imli couldn’t believe that Chakor saved her life. She gets emotional when Chakor sheds her blood and risks her life to save her. Vivaan tells Imli that Chakor was never wrong, Imli had a misconception about her sister. Chakor also explains Imli that she didn’t ruin her marriage, she didn’t tell Vivaan about her miscarriage, why would she go against her sister. Imli breaks down and gets a shock. She turns mentally unstable, feeling guilty that she has tried to ruin Chakor and Suraj’s lives for no reason. Chakor decides to keep Imli with them. Kasturi and Bhuvan get against Chakor, when Imli goes mad and attacks Bhuvan.

Chakor tells them that she will get Imli’s treatment done at home, she can’t send her to the mental asylum. Bhuvan tells her that Imli is dangerous for them. He compels Chakor to change her decision. Chakor tells them that they love Imli a lot, they have to look after Imli and surely they can make Imli like before. She wants her old sister back. Chakor shows a big heart once again.

She argues with Suraj and Vivaan, realizing Imli has walked on the wrong path by the misunderstandings. She wants to give a chance to Imli. Chakor calls the doctor home for getting Imli treated. Doctor tells Chakor about Imli’s nervous breakdown and how dangerous she can get for them if she is left free. He suggests Chakor to send Imli to the hospital for treatment. Suraj supports Chakor and values her greatness. Suraj goes out for work. Chakor assumes that he has turned upset with her and left. She tries to call him.

Chakor and Suraj face the tensions. Chakor finds a way to convince Suraj. Chakor gets restless when Suraj goes away from her sight. She gets bad thoughts and prays for him. She makes a video and requests Suraj to come back home. She accepts her mistake. She tells him that Saanvi and she can’t live without him. She asks him to come back, she won’t argue with him and will not anger him. She asks Saanvi to call Suraj home. She is hopeful that Suraj will come running once he sees the video. The video doesn’t get delivered to Suraj. She gets more worried. She fears that anything wrong can happen with Suraj.

Suraj comes back home and finds Chakor worried. He tells Chakor that he has gone to find an important clue regarding Imli’s past, Imli had a gun which is generally used by Indian army, when he tracked the place, he fell in a big problem, but he got saved because of her love.

The Army track will be beginning now. A Colonel’s entry will be happening soon. Chakor is selected by the Indian army for the mission for the nation’s security. Suraj refuses to send Chakor for the dangerous mission. Chakor will be serving the nation by leaving her family behind. She is famed for being a true patriot. Chakor is ready to give up her life as nothing is important that her country. Suraj will be seen marrying someone for Saanvi’s sake. Suraj’s second marriage will be seen. Chakor happily gives up Suraj, Saanvi and her happy life. She takes this shocking decision for the sake of the country.


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