Krishna Chali London: Radhe to risk his life for Krishna’s love


Radhe wants to earn the money so that he can buy a gift from Krishna. He tells Saajan that he is risking his life to get money, if anything happens to him, he can inform Krishna about his true love. Radhe does a risky task and gets electrocuted. He falls unconscious. Saajan gets a huge shock on seeing his bad state. He asks Radhe to wake up. He learns the matter from the people. Saajan takes him. Radhe’s mum gets too angry on Krishna and throws her stuff in the water tank to ashame her. He also dumps her souvenirs, which hurts Krishna’s heart. She maintains her silence and watches all her family memories sinking in the water.

Radhe’s mum vents out water on Krishna for shaming them in front of the neighborhood ladies. She asks Krishna to keep their pride, else nothing will be left. Bela gets happy on Krishna’s insult. Radhe’s mum threatens to ruin her dreams if she brings defamation for the family. Saajan makes Radhe conscious by telling him that Krishna has run away. Radhe tells Saajan that he has climbed the electric pole for the sake of money, so that he could buy the gift for Krishna. Saajan asks him not to risk life like this once again. Radhe gets dreaming about Krishna. She suffers at home, which Radhe doesn’t come to know. Krishna picks all her stuff and souvenirs with a sobbing heart.


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