Krishna Chali London: Krishna to misunderstand Radhe by Bela’s plotting

Krishna Chali London to highlight Radhe-Krishna's romance

Krishna gets upset after facing big humiliation from Radhe’s mum. Radhe buys the locket for Krishna. He tells Saajan that he is heading for home. Saajan asks Radhe to come along, since he has to give him some tips for post marriage rituals. He asks Radhe to be a man and make an initiative in romancing Krishna. Krishna sees the arrangements getting done for the wedding night. Bela frames Radhe by placing cheap novels under the mattress. Bela tells them that Radhe is a casanova, he isn’t so innocent. She spoils Krishna’s mind about Radhe, so that she stays unhappy. Radhe’s mum feel embarrassed. Saajan asks Radhe to take the special betels for himself and Krishna.

Shukla questions his sons over the accounts. His son fools him about the accounts by his cleverness. Shukla gets tricked and wonders how did the money go missing. Matuk suggests that Krishna can help them.

Shukla refuses to take help from Krishna. Radhe gets excited for the wedding night. His sisters-in-law tease him over the gift he bought for Krishna. He tells them that he has bought the special gift for Krishna by his earnings. Radhe offers her the betel. Krishna screams and shocks him. She scares him about the dangerous snake hiding in the room. She makes sure that Radhe’s plans fail.


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