Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (PicFiction): Ishita and Raman to rescue Roshni; Romi falls under suspicion

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unthinkable Discovery

Roshni goes missing. She has got kidnapped by Simmi and Parmeet. Ishita blames the Bhallas. She confronts the Bhallas and asks them where is Roshni. She scolds Romi for plotting the kidnapping. There is a high voltage family drama going on. Ishita tells Raman that she was protecting Roshni, but she is missing now, Romi’s kerchief and cap was found at home, it means Romi has kidnapped her. She searches for Roshni at home. She doesn’t find her. Everyone doubts on Parmeet and Simmi, but Ishita doubts on Romi. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla about Simmi. Ishita asks him to ask Romi. Raman scolds her for suspecting Romi. He asks her if she has the evidence. She proves the truth and tells Raman and Mihika that its Romi’s kerchief, she still remembers it, there is some chemical applied to him, someone has made Roshni unconscious and took her away.

She tells Mihika that Romi has stooped a lot this time. She demands them to call Romi. Mihika believes Romi. She tells them that Romi can never do this, even if the evidences sign towards him, he can never stoop so low, he himself wants to adopt a child, he wants to have a family, why will he risk Roshni and Adi’s child’s life. She calls off the evidences against Romi.

Raman tells Ishita that the culprit can put Romi’s kerchief there, it doesn’t mean that Romi is wrong, she can’t accuse Romi this way. He yells at Ishita for blaming Romi. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to have a calm mind and think. The family believes Romi. Aaliya tells them that she has also seen someone with Romi, maybe he is really involved, Romi told Mani that Raman isn’t supporting him. Raman tells them that he has become the guarantor for the adoption, the matter is solved, we have no fights between us.

Romi then comes home and learns the accusations on him. He tells them that he isn’t any kidnapper or criminal to plot such a thing. Ishita gets tensed and falls sick. Raman turns caring for her. They have a moment. Raman and Ishita find Roshni and get her home. Roshni is taken for the medical treatment. Everyone worries for her and get hurt seeing her. The family doesn’t know that Simmi and Parmeet are the kidnappers. They will be exposed soon.


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