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    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:Naira protests against the college authorities when she finds them dismissing the sensitive matter of Tanvi’s MMS. She wants justice for Tanvi. Dadi tells Kartik that Naira is initiating this protest. Naira tells them that she will protest and go on a strike till they catch the real culprit. Kartik tells her that they are trying to sort the matter by concealing Tanvi’s name. Naira doesn’t understand Kartik’s way of working. Suwarna worries when she fails to contact Dadi and Kartik. She feels Dadi is doing wrong to hide things from her. The family asks her not to make issues from petty things. Suwarna asks Manish to try calling the Dean and know the matter, if anything is wrong. Manish loses his temper and yells at her for making it a big issue. He asks her to think about others too. He shouts on Suwarna for her madness and goes. He gets too upset.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Shagun doesn’t want Aaliya to follow Ishita. She asks Aaliya to remember that Roshni has snatched Adi from her and now she is snatching her rights and status in Bhalla house. She asks Aaliya to open her eyes and learn the facts right. She gets angry on Roshni. She insults her right in front of everyone and calls her baby illegitimate. She asks Roshni if she has any shame to enter Aaliya’s house. Ishita defends Roshni and tells Shagun that the baby didn’t harm anyone, if they feel the baby is wrong, then they will make a leave. Shagun loses her cool. Aaliya asks Mani to take away Shagun. Roshni feels sick by the shocking drama. Aaliya asks Shagun to make a leave. Aaliya feels sorry. She makes an apology to Roshni. She gets heartbroken. She feels none will trust her after Shagun’s doings. Ruhi apologizes to Aaliya for blaming her. She thanks Aaliya for taking a stand for Roshni.

    Mayavi Maling: Madhumali takes a disguise to attend Angad’s coronation ceremony. Angad prepares to get crowned by Maharaj Shil Aditya. Eshwarya attempts to break the ice barriers and leave. Chegu tries to fly away. Eshwarya fails to break the ice wall. Chegu worries for her and asks her not to worry for him, and just run away. She tells him that she will not leave him alone. He asks her to understand the situation and just proceed. Pandit explains the Yagna rituals to Angad and asks him to proceed. The ice walls try to get closer and harm Chegu and Eshwarya. Chegu tries to communicate with Antara. He tries to gain her help. Antara learns about Chegu and Eshwarya in danger. She runs to help them and finds them inside the ice walls. Angad takes the vows to serve Maling the best way possible.


    Anika desperately needs a job to fulfill all her responsibilities towards the siblings. Her aunt gets angry on her once again. She tells Anika that she can reveal her mum’s shameless acts to Gauri, which will make Gauri’s pride shatter. Anika warns her against hurting Gauri’s heart. She tells her aunt that she can have courage like Gauri, she is decent, but not weak, she can do anything for her family. Anika proves that she is also similar to Shivay when it comes to her family. Bhavya arrives at the Oberoi mansion with the police force to arrest Shivay on Sunil’s complaint. She asks Shivay to come with them to the police station, where he can clarify things if he wants. She tells him that its a crime to threaten anyone. Omkara and Rudra get into an argument with Bhavya.

    Krishna Chali London:

    Radhe panics when Krishna tells him about the snake. He shouts to his family for help. The entire family comes to their room to find the sake. Krishna succeeds in spoiling the wedding night and ruining Radhe’s dreams of romance. She gets happy when Radhe leaves the room. Radhe gets concerned for her. He feels that Krishna is upset as their wedding night got spoiled. He apologizes to her and tries to cheer her up. He tells her that he was trying to make it a memorable time for her. She gets scolding him. She comments him on his bad character. He denies to know anything. She tells him that she has known his affair as well. She scolds him for having nasty thoughts.

    Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

    Kulfi talks to Lord in an innocent way. She wants her message to reach her mother. She talks in the ear of Ganesh’s mouse idol, where Mohendar has fixed the mic to hear her out. Mohendar gets to know that she is Nimrat’s daughter. He wants to assure that she meets Sikandar as his daughter. He gets flown in emotions. He hugs Kulfi and tells her that he will unite her with her father, who is also yearning for her. Kulfi gets happy. On the other hand, Lovely gets to convince Sikandar. They take the wedding vows. Sikandar promises that he will make a new start with her and fulfill all his responsibilities towards Amyra.


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