Piyaa Albela: Pooja and Naren to have a political fight

Pooja finds Naren

Pooja files the case against Naren. She doesn’t get justice in the court. Naren gets saved from the accusations. She joins the politics to settle scores with Naren. She turns into an opposition contestant. She joins the opposition party. Shailaja gets Pooja on her side. Naren learns that someone has joined the opposition and didn’t withdraw the name. Naren gets a huge shock on seeing Pooja. Shailaja tells Pooja that she can fight with Naren if she joins her. Pooja meets the media and gets a welcome. Pooja then unveils her giant poster. Naren can’t believe that Pooja is standing against him. He gets depressed that life has parted them away in such a way that there are no hopes for their union.

Pooja is much hurt by Naren’s cold behavior. She believes Shailaja can help her. Shailaja promises Pooja that she can get Anuj’s body for the final rites. Pooja becomes the face of the opposition party. Pooja wants to show Naren that he is misusing his powers. She wants to prove that the power of love is bigger. Pooja doesn’t lose to Naren. She is opposing Naren. The media questions Naren for Pooja’s shocking decision. Naren doesn’t answer the reporters and leaves in a jiffy.


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