Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman and Ishita to wish for a reconciliation

Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Ishita worries for Roshni. She asks Bhallas why would anyone take Roshni and where. She tells Raman that they should give the kerchief for tests in the laboratory, they have to find the culprit’s intentions. She says once we know the chemical used, we can track the culprit by visiting the chemist which sold the chemical. Ishita gets relieved when Roshni gets rescued. She gets a peaceful sleep knowing Roshni is back in the family. Their tensions get away. Raman cares for Ishita on seeing her sleeping. He expresses his love to Ishita. Ishita shows her trust in Raman and Bhallas’ elders. Ishita and Raman try to talk out and sort their differences. Raman feels Ishita’s absence has broken the family. He wishes Ishita returns home and unites the family again.

Ishita is his strength. He doesn’t tell her that he wants her back in his life. Ishita too wishes to reconcile with Raman. Romi vents out anger on Parmeet and asks him to accept Roshni’s kidnapping blame. Simmi tells Romi that they aren’t interested in Roshni, they are happy in their own lives. Simmi defends Parmeet. She tells them that they went for a movie and just came home. They show the movie tickets.

Romi tells Raman that he can never fall low to hurt an unborn child. He asks the family to believe him and find the real culprit. He reminds them Parmeet’s past crimes. He asks Parmeet what does he want to do by framing him. He scolds Parmeet for leaving evidences against him. Simmi asks Romi not to raise hand on Parmeet again. Simmi and Parmeet have a fool proof plan. They prove their innocence and make an easy escape. Romi, Raman and Ishita doubt on them. Ishita wants to find evidence against Parmeet and throw him out of the house.


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