Savitri Devi and Kasam: Sanchi goes missing; Ranbir confesses feelings to Kritika


Savitri Devi:
Sanchi divorces Veer succumbing to Dr. Kabir’s blackmailing. Dr. Kabir threatens to kill Veer if he raises a hand on him again. Sanchi comes to Dr. Kabir’s house and gives him divorce Papers. She gets shattered. Dr. Kabir along with his mum Kusum get marriage date fixed by the Pandit. Pandit says mahurat is after 3 days. Sanchi refuses to marry Dr. Kabir and tells that although she has broken relation with Veer, she also belongs to him and never be connected emotionally with Dr. Kabir. Dr. Kabir gets angry and asks Pandit to come again after 3 days with marriage and last rites preparations. He says either marriage will happen here or someone will die. Sanchi realizes that his dangerous, evil motives and fears danger to Veer and her life. She elopes from his house. Kusum calls Dr. Kabir and informs him that Sanchi went missing.

Ranbir confesses to Kritika about his feelings and tells that she is in his heart, doesn’t know why and how it all happened? He tells her that he gets happy and sad in her happiness and sorrows respectively. He tells her that she is not an ordinary girl for him, but a special girl for whom he has strong feelings in his heart and he feels connected to her. Kritika also feels some connection with and gets thoughtful. However, she blames herself for letting Ranbir give her mouth to mouth resuscitation when she had difficulty to breathe in cold storage room. Malishka get upset seeing her plan ruined because of Kritika and looks for a chance to make another plan to trap Ranvir. Ranbir gets restless thinking about Kritika and calls her to know how is she? Kritika gets his call and thinks if she should talk to him.


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