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Rajvir gets Zoya kidnapped and asks Aditya to search her if he can. Aditya searches for Zoya. Zoya is kept captive in big water tank. Water starts pouring in the tank. Zoya tries to shout, but she is tied up. Aditya calls Arjun and tells him that Rajvir has kept bomb in the house and asks him not to stop the music in any circumstances. Arjun and Noor dance in the party to keep the music on. Zoya is stuck in the tank while the water is filled up in the tank till her neck. Her parents tries to file Police complaint, but Inspector wastes their time. Rajvir thinks it is pay back time for Mr. Hooda.

Kundali Bhagya:
Kareena and Chachi argue over Sherlyn’s pregnancy. Kareena tells Chachi that Sherlyn is not Pregnant, but Chachi tells that she is experienced and knows well. Shrishti says we shall wait for Doctor to know the reason and gets doubtful thinking where is Prithvi. Sherlyn tells Rakhi that Doctor said that it is a severe case of acidity. Rakhi tells everyone about the same. Karan, Preeta, and others wait for Doctor to tell what happened to Sherlyn exactly. Sherlyn and Prithvi fool everyone by lying about acidity. Karan challenges to expose them.

Bitti Business Wali:

Kashi calls his girlfriend home as everyone went to Banaras. Laddo Singh, his wife, and others come home and see Kashi romancing with the dancer girlfriend. Prema gets shocked and cries. Laddo Singh’s wife slaps Kashi and questions him why did he get involved in an extramarital affair. She asks him to apologize to his wife Prema. Bitti hides the incident from her family which happened in the market, but Virender comes to know about it and tells Dadi that their family respect is getting ruined and asks her to stop Bitti from opening a pan shop.

Sameer’s mum realizes Soumya was auspicious for them even though she was a kinnar and she makes a plan with Gill to kidnap her. Harman calls Soumya again and she picks the call. Soumya is about to end the call hearing his voice, but Harman asks her not to end the call and listen to him. He tells her that he didn’t marry Jasleen and is waiting for her. He tells her that he just loves her and yearning to meet her. Soumya gets emotional and happy to see Harman realizing his love for her. Harman asks her to tell where is she? Soumya tells the temple address and says she is waiting for him there. Before Harman could come there, Gill and his men come there and kidnap Soumya. Harman gets shocked to see her kidnapped.

The goon keeps the knife on Roop’s neck and threatens to slit his neck. Shamsher asks him to go ahead if he has the strength to do so. The goon gets shocked seeing Shamsher asking him to kill his own son. Roop gets tensed and worried. He thinks of his father’s teaching and tries to overpower the goon. Shamsher and Roop catch the goon and get awarded for their bravery.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:
Rithvik refuses to believe that Dadi got unwell after talking about their company’s drugs. He offers Palak to join their company. Palak refuses to join and tells that his drugs are clinically unfit for medicinal use. Rithvik asks her to prove him wrong and challenges her to join his company. Palak decides to join the company to stop the launch of the drug. She proves the drugs to have a problem with its chemical formula.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Arjun catches Sameer, Munna, and Pandit in his house and gets angry on Naina. However, Naina manages the situation. Later Sameer and Naina plan to go and watch the film in the theatre. Bela and Anand also go to the theatre to watch the film and catch them there. They ask for the explanation. Sameer and Naina get tensed.

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Hai:

Siddhant manages to crack Neeta and KK’s relation. Neeta gets shocked to know that it was KK who stopped her film’s release when Mukherjee told her. She decides to confront KK. Siddhant gets happy. He tries to raise doubt in Srikant’s mind that KK gives more priority to Karthik than him. Later, he tells KK about Sudhanshu being the man who is betraying him and helping Goel.

Muskaan hides from the family. She finds it hard when she gets close to get caught by Tabassum. She starts helping Jaya. Jaya gets keen to know her identity. She wants to know who got Muskaan home. Muskaan calls her Maasi, which makes her wonder who is Muskaan’s mother. Muskaan’s hide and seek game with everyone continues.


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