Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Parmeet to benefit from Bhallas’ clashes


Raman tells the family that he met Roshni and she asked Pihu to make another greeting for her. He sends away the kids. He then tells the family that Ishita and Roshni are scared after whatever happened, and then Romi and his fight also gave a wrong meaning to them. He feels sorry that his anger spoiled the things. He promises to keep the family united by sorting his issues with Romi and Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla accuses him for ruining their happiness. She asks him why did he fight with Romi in front of Roshni, how will Ishita send Roshni. She cries to lose Adi’s child. Raman assures her that he will get the child home. Romi wants to raise a loan in order to buy a house, so that he can show his financial stability and get a child by adoption mode. He tells Mihika that he won’t be giving up so soon. He asks her not to stop him. He meets the bank manager to get a loan.

The manager asks him to mortgage his company shares if he wants the loan. Romi agrees to get the loan process started early. He wants a guarantor as well. He thinks of meeting Mani and convincing him. Ishita realizes that she can’t be with Roshni all the time and its necessary to ensure her safety. She decides to get the CCTV camera installed at home. Raman tells the family that he wants to secure Roshni’s child’s future by a gift deed, he wants to give company shares to the child so that Ishita can get convinced. He is sure that Romi will sign on the papers without any argument. He asks the lawyer to make the papers.

Mani and Shagun reach Ishita and make a hearty apology. Ishita understands Shagun’s mistake and forgives her. Shagun apologizes to Roshni. Roshni shows a big heart and forgives her. She tells Shagun that she never intended to come between Adi and Aaliya. She feels sorry for whatever happened with Aaliya. Mani gets glad that things got happy for them. Aaliya doesn’t want to forgive Shagun. She tells Shagun that her move was really bad as Adi’s child would have got harmed by her silly plans. Shagun justifies her love which made her stoop low. Aaliya forgives her on a condition that she never does this again. Shagun promises her that she will just be good towards Roshni.

Raman tells the lawyer that he will talk to Romi and get the papers signed soon. Mihika gets worried and hides Romi’s planning. Raman asks Romi to sign the papers so that they can name the majority shares to Adi’s child. Romi refuses for this straight away. Raman tells Romi that Adi’s child is Bhallas’ heir. Romi tells them that he needs the papers to provide guarantee for the home loan. Raman asks him why is he moving out. Romi tells him that he wants his own house. Raman doesn’t want to give the papers to him. Romi and Raman get into a heated argument again. They get ruining each other’s plans. Raman refuses to help Romi. Romi asks Raman is he not family, its enough of their madness for Adi’s child. He asks them to think for every family member.

Ruhi meets Ishita and learns about the camera installation at the home. She asks the reason. Ishita tells Ruhi that she wants Roshni to be safe, even in her absence. Romi calls Mani and asks him to become guarantor for his home loan. Mani asks him not to take any decision in haste. Romi shares his sorrow that Raman isn’t understanding him. Mani tells Romi that he needs to consult Raman first and then deal with the matter. He assures to help him if Raman permits. Romi gets against Raman and family. Parmeet gets to see his frustration and makes a new plan. He tells Simmi that now they can make a big plan of Roshni’s kidnapping by framing Romi. Parmeet frames Romi in the crime.


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