Piyaa Albela LOOPED: Pooja to end ties with Naren

Pooja finds Naren

Naren gets drunk. He does Anuj’s final rites in the absence of Pooja and her family. When Pooja reaches there, she gets a huge shock. She questions him about snatching her uncle’s rights. She asks him if he didn’t think of Anuj’s wife, who is pregnant. She tells her that she doesn’t want any favor from him, she will fight the elections as Anuj’s sisters, not Naren’s wife. She tells him that she doesn’t want his name anymore. Naren has crossed the limits. He has snatched the rights of final rites from Pooja’s family because of his revenge fire. Naren does so to hurt Pooja, after finding her gaining powers by joining the opposition party.

Naren jokes about Anuj’s ashes and hands over the pot to her. Pooja ends ties with Naren. She tells Naren that they don’t have Angraj’s body. She says you had a chance to make everything fine between us, but you have ruined it.


Satish tells Naren that he won’t keep any terms with him now. Naren is doing everything in anger. He has a misconception and thinks they are hiding Angraj’s body. Naren is unhappy himself, but is standing for his family. He tells Pooja that everything is fair in love and war. Pooja and Kusum slap Naren and get angry on him for his cheap doings. Pooja has got equal political powers as Naren now. They both will be having political clashes. Their love turns into deep hatred.

Naren gets drunk and tries to forget Pooja. He sees Pooja’s picture and sheds tears. Pooja packs her bags and leaves Naren’s house. Naren gets crying seeing her leaving. He throws colors on Pooja’s picture and deeply regrets. He breaks down and tells Pooja that he hates her. He ruins her pictures. He wants all her memories to end in his heart. He imagines Pooja and confronts her for the deceive. Pooja knows Naren has his suppressed anger, which he is venting out. Their ways get different. She moves on in her life. She stands against him in elections, which he never imagined. She challenges his party position. She becomes a threat for Naren.


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