Roop: Shamsher to receive a shock by Roop’s kidnapping


Roop and Shamsher get awarded for the bravery and honored at a function kept by the Police department. Shamsher feels proud of Roop. Ranvir gets jealous of Roop. The police officer asks him to say few words about his Papa. Roop gives a speech and says whoever fights for the right is a hero and really brave person. He says I am proud of my mummy, she takes care of us and Papa without stopping or getting tired. She doesn’t catch the thieves like my dad. Roop says like my dad, my mummy is also my hero. Kamla gets touched with his speech, while Shamsher gets angry and feels humiliated. Everyone present in the function appreciates Roop for his deep thoughts.

Later, Roop gets a cute gift from his teacher. He decides to fix the keychain in his doll house. His happiness gets short-lived. Roop gets caught in another mess. He climbs the truck when Ranvir challenges him. Roop doesn’t think it will get risky as the truck goes on slow speed. Roop gets on the truck and gets stuck when the truck speeds up. Roop worriedly tries to get down the truck. He doesn’t know how to jump, while Ranvir jumps down and gets away. Ranvir’s mischief puts Roop in danger again. Roop gets kidnapped. Shamsher asks his team to find Roop at the earliest.


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