Tu Aashiqui: Pankti to tackle JD’s new version Reyansh


Pankti tries to tell Ahaan about her doubts over Reyansh. Ahaan meets her in a rush and tells her that he has failed to understand her and support her when she needed him the most. He deals with his dilemmas and understands that Pankti is facing troubles because of Reyansh. Pankti gets a relief knowing Ahaan is also doubting Reyansh. He decides to expose Reyansh so that they can know his real intentions behind their enmity. Pankti informs Reyansh’s misdeeds to Ahaan. He believes her and tells her that he also felt odd when Reyansh was mocking their love and taunting him about Pankti’s prospering career.

He tells Pankti that as he has promised her to keep her dreams before him, he will always do that and never doubt on her again. He apologizes to Pankti for misunderstanding her and venting out anger on her surprise. She tells him that they need to make a plan to know Reyansh’s motives.

Uday helps Pankti in knowing Reyansh’s intentions. He decodes the message sent by Sheetal and tells Pankti that Reyansh is JD. Pankti receives a big shock knowing JD is alive and staying around in their lives as Reyansh. She worries that Sheetal is in trouble. She understands that Sheetal wanted to share this shocking thing at home that day. She thinks to inform Ahaan about Reyansh’s real identity. Reyansh meets Pankti. She spikes his drink in order to make him admit the truth. She wants to expose JD’s truth in front of everyone. She looks for Ahaan to tell him the truth. She is sure that Ahaan will teach a lesson to JD after knowing his big lies. Till she meets Ahaan, she plays along Reyansh’s lie so that his evil face can be exposed by his own mistakes. She joins Reyansh’s game to fail him in his planning. Will Pankti and Ahaan succeed to outdo JD and save Sheetal’s life? Keep reading.


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