Ishqbaaz: Priyanka to play cupid for Shivay and Anika’s love tale


After the Roka ceremony, Anika gets the work of planning Shivay’s wedding. Anika gets a job at Shivay’s house. She manages the catering service as well. Priyanka eats the food got by Anika and faints. Anika checks her and worries for her state. Shivay rushes Priyanka to the hospital. He gets into an argument with Anika. Shivay and Anika will be meeting and having hatred between them, before they fall in love. Misunderstandings get between them. Shivay and Anika get insulting each other and taunt about their mother’s values and upbringings. Shivay doesn’t like her clumsiness. He asks her to leave from his house.

Anika loses the job. She fails to pay the rent to landlord in time. She keeps her word and begs to the landlord to get some time. The landlord gets into an argument with Gauri and kicks out Anika and her family. Anika and family gets on the road and face a really bad time. Anika gets homeless, and determines to get back at Shivay.

Priyanka explains Shivay that she fell sick because of her allergy, Anika had no idea about her allergy, he should have not fired Anika from work, she was not at fault. She hugs Shivay and tries to convince him to get Anika back. Shivay finds her kind-hearted and tells her that they can’t trust anyone just like that. He takes time to decide about hiring Anika.

Anika and the family make a small tent and live in it. It starts raining heavily. The roof flies away by the wind. Anika makes calls to get some help. Anika and Gauri save the problems, while Sahil’s mum takes care of sick Sahil. Anika feels big shortage of money. She sheds tears and can’t help Sahil, who gets drenched by the water leaking from the roof. Priyanka comes ahead to help Anika. Priyanka tells Anika that she wants her to plan the wedding and hires her. She takes Anika and her family along. Anika and her family reach Oberoi mansion, with all their baggage. Priyanka tells Dadi that she has already asked Shivay, Anika and her family can live in servant’s cottage. She asks Anika to settle in the outhouse. Gauri will be meeting Omkara, and Anika will be fulfilling her love story with Shivay. Shivay has no idea that Anika shifted in his house. He will create a huge scene when he bumps into Anika. Priyanka plays the cupid for both the couples, Anika-Shivay and Gauri-Omkara.


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