Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira’s mistake to backfire Kartik’s master plan

Naira hugs Kartik

Kartik and Naira get worried about their MMS and decide to not spare the culprit. Naira goes to him to seek help in Tanvi’s case. Kartik doesn’t want to leave Tanvi’s case since he isn’t scared of anything. He tells the Dean that he will not spare the evil doer and nab him at any cost to put a stop at such crimes growing in colleges. Naira reaches him and finds him in middle of the meeting. Naira gets mistaken after she hears Kartik telling the college authorities about his new plan to withdraw the case for college reputation and Tanvi’s dignity. He tells them that they will announce that they caught the culprit and end the matter. He makes a plan so that the culprit gets relaxed and does a mistake to get caught.

Naira thinks Kartik isn’t interested when she hears the fake announcement that the culprit is caught. She decides to nab the culprit and makes a plan with Tanvi.

She tells Tanvi that they need someone who knows the students well so that they can circulate their plan and lay a bait. Kunal comes forward to help Naira and Tanvi. He tells them that he wants to regret for the old troubles. Naira believes Kunal and asks him to spread their plan. Kunal tells everyone that Tanvi is ready to pay money to the culprit to get the MMS video to save her dignity. Naira fails Kartik’s plan unknowingly. Their distance and misunderstandings give a loose hand to the culprit.


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