Udaan: Chakor to break norms and risk all for serving the nation

Huge drama ahead in Udaan and Roop

Chakor loves her country a lot and wants to do something good to serve the country. Chakor tells Suraj that she wants to go for the mission. Suraj doesn’t listen to Chakor. Vivaan also tells Chakor that he can go for the mission, as he is brave enough, he has the capabilities to kill the Colonel, why can’t he go instead Suraj. Chakor tells him that Suraj has already showed his bravery to the RAW agent and he should go for the mission. She says Suraj is perfect as he has won Colonel’s trust. She asks him to help her in convincing Suraj to meet the RAW agent. He asks her how will Suraj get convinced when he isn’t listening to his wife. Chakor tells him that Suraj will agree, just ask Suraj to meet the RAW agent Abhay. She asks him to talk to Suraj once.

Vivaan goes to talk to Suraj. Suraj tells him that the RAW agent wants to use him as a bait, he wants to make me away from Chakor and Saanvi, he wants to send me to Colonel and do a drama of love with Colonel’s daughter, I can’t do this. He asks Vivaan did Chakor not tell this to him. Vivaan says no, she didn’t tell me anything.

Suraj says Chakor knows about the love drama and I refused to her, but she is insisting me to help the agent by cheating Colonel and his daughter. Suraj tells him that he has already refused to Abhay. Vivaan understands Suraj’s concern and asks if Chakor agreed for this. He takes Suraj’s side and supports his decision. Suraj says Chakor wants to become Jagat Mata again and is ready to make me away from her, when she can’t live without me, she isn’t thinking of Saanvi. Suraj thinks like a common man and doesn’t want to interfere in complicated matters, which could be proved fatal for his family. On Suraj’s denial, Chakor takes the tough task in her hands.


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