Bepannaah: Aditya gets displeased with Zoya’s decision

Bepannaah: Aditya to battle for his love

Yash’s mother tells Zoya that she doesn’t want to lose her. Aditya feels if case reopens then it will be proved that they made a fake story. Anjana apologizes to Zoya’s mum. Zoya’s mum says they shall forget the past and start afresh. Zoya comes to meet Aditya. Aditya thanks her for informing him about the bomb and saving his life. He asks her to understand that she shall not open the case to move on in life. Zoya tells that they will protect each other and tells that their lives are connected. She thanks him for saving her life and asks him how to break a promise made to herself.

Aditya asks her not to be stubborn and mad and tells that her ex-husband Yash have betrayed her and broke all promises. Zoya says did I fulfill my promise? She tells that she wanted to be his friend, but she was busy always. She says he couldn’t make her his friend and asks Aditya to understand her.

Aditya says you have gone mad due to trauma and says if case reopens then everyone from my family will get affected. He says you just want your cheater’s husband respect to get saved, and tells that he will be against her. Zoya decides to open the case. His father asks her how she will prove in court that Yash loved Pooja. Zoya says she will prove that Yash loved Pooja and wanted to settle with her. She aims not to let Yash get the wrong remark on his name. Arjun gives Pooja’s diary to Zoya and says it will prove that they loved each other truly. Zoya gears to read their love story.


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