Shakti: Harak Singh to create new troubles for Harman and Soumya

High Five Spoilers Shakti Bahu Begum and more

Harak gets angry on Soumya and Harman. He decides to ruin them. He scolds Soumya for giving him a lecture. He asks Soumya to stay out of his family matters. The house got divided because of Soumya. Harman wants to open a toy factory for Soumya, so that she can make a career. Harak tells her that her dreams won’t be fulfilled. He doesn’t permit her to open up a toy factory. She tells him that his decision is troubling Harman a lot. She tries to explain him, but he gets scolding her. He says I know how to run a factory, I m born before you and have lots of experience. He states that, if she lectures him, the division mess won’t get cleared.

He asks her not to teach him how to do business. He challenges her and asks her to run the factory and show her business skills. He says its too easy to talk big things, its tough to prove the word true. He calls the investors and asks them not to help Harman and Soumya. Harak asks his brother to keep an eye on Harman and Soumya, and limit them from getting success. He wants Harman and Soumya to come to him and beg, admitting that they realized their mistake.


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