Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika and Sahil to finally meet


Vedika gets a huge shock when she gets to meet Nidhi at the godown. She asks Nidhi why is she doing this. She requests Nidhi to let her free. Nidhi gets exposed. She tells Vedika that she wants to make her out of Sahil’s life. She asks Vedika to recall her loved ones before dying. Vedika thinks of Sahil and regrets for misleading him about Nidhi. Nidhi counts down and shoots. Vedika opens her ropes and pushes Nidhi. She gets saved from the gun shot. She runs away from Nidhi’s clutches.

Vedika has to inform Sahil that Nidhi and Pandey are dangerous criminals. She wants some solution to deal with Nidhi. Sahil visits a Dargah and prays that he finds Vedika. He sings a Qawwali. Vedika happens to reach the same Dargah. She wishes that she finds Sahil. Sahil gets to see her and runs to stop her. He gets grateful to Lord for making him find Vedika.


Vedika tries to run to Sahil. She gets caught by the goons, who drag her away from Sahil. Sahil runs after them. He finds Vedika tied up and hanged down the tree. He gets into a fight and attempts to save Vedika. The goons beat him a lot. Sahil gets injured. He doesn’t give up. Vedika cries seeing him beaten up. Sahil’s love for Vedika gives him strength to fight back.


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