Roop – Roop to suffer injuries; Shamsher to receive another shock


Roop goes towards the hill with his friends. He thinks of Kamla and Shamsher’s fight. He recalls her words, where she asked him to just follow his dad and do whatever his dad wants him to do. Ranvir asks him to jump down the hill and prove his bravery. The kids instigate him and ask him to prove his manhood. Roop gets in a dilemma. He jumps from the hill and gets injured. Ranvir runs away from there. Shamsher reaches there and catches Ranvir. He asks about Roop. Ranvir tells Shamsher that Roop has jumped down the hill. Shamsher gets angry on Ranvir and his bad friends. Shamsher can’t believe that Ranvir instigated Roop to jump down. He tells Ranvir that he has sent Roop with him, so that he can play outdoor games with boys, rather than playing with dolls and soft toys at home like girls. He scolds Ranvir.

Ranvir says you always say that men aren’t scared of anything, that’s why Roop has jumped down, what’s wrong if they said the same thing like him. Shamsher gets angry and asks Ranvir to prove it to him that he is also a man.

He persuades Ranvir to jump and show him. Ranvir also jumps down. Shamsher finds Ranvir fine when he comes up. He then looks for Roop. He finds Roop who has slipped in trauma. He wonders what’s wrong with Roop to suffer so much. He compares Roop with Ranvir, and feels inferior. Shamsher realizes Roop is very sensitive and needs to bring manly behavior from heart, he is too pampered from the family. Roop gets silent and recollects Kamla’s scolding.


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