Ishqbaaz: Anika to plan Priyanka’s Roka celebrations


Shivay and Anika have a meet again. Priyanka gets Anika at home and tells Dadi that she wants Anika and her family to stay in the outhouse. She tells Dadi about the troubles Anika is facing. She believes Anika is a nice girl. Shivay and Anika have a hit and miss at home. Later, Priyanka asks Anika to get her designs folder. Anika sees Shivay and passes by. They both can’t stand each other. Anika avoids him after recollecting his humiliating words. She rushes to Dadi’s room to meet her. She gets inside Shivay’s room by mistake. She feels like she belongs to this place.

Rudra gets a modelling contract. He happily celebrates the news with Dadi. Dadi happily blesses Rudra and her other grandsons. Shivay wants everything to be perfect as per Priyanka’s choice. Priyanka tells him that she believes in Anika’s talents and she is sure that everything will be good.

Priyanka prepares for her Roka. She tells Dadi that no arrangements are done till now. She asks Anika to just take the list, as she has already decided everything. She asks Anika to finish the work on time, preparations have to be done well. She explains everything to Anika. Priyanka wakes up Omkara and Rudra, and tells them that its her Roka. She asks them to plan the special day. They tell her that they want to sleep for more time. Priyanka tells them that they can’t get away from responsibilities on her big day.


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