Krishna Chali London: Radhe’s simplicity to impress Krishna’s family

Krishna Chali London Shocking Radhe to die in an accident

Radhe gets angry on the goons when they tease Krishna publicly. Radhe argues with the goons and ask them to back off. Radhe doesn’t beat them at first. Krishna scolds the goons and asks them if they have any shame. Krishna takes Radhe’s side and acknowledges him as her husband. She praises Radhe, which makes him happy. Radhe tells the goons that none can misbehave with his wife. He gets into a fight with the goons in order to take a stand for Krishna’s dignity. He falls in deep trouble when he faces a fatal situation. Krishna comes to his rescue and rides the bike to hit the goons. She gets Radhe with him and races away the bike. Radhe feels proud of her and sees a new side of her. He likes daring Krishna and thinks this could be his another dream, which also got fulfilled because of Krishna.

Bela instigates Radhe’s mum against Krishna. She tells that Dubey will try to impress Radhe and fool him for money, since Shukla family is rich. She alerts Radhe’s mum and asks him to call Radhe back, else he will be trapped by Dubey. Radhe and Krishna reach her home and get a good welcome. Their arguments continue.

They look happy, which brings a smile on Dubey’s face. Radhe likes Dubey and family. Dubey and Bua look genuine to him. Krishna gets close to learn that Dubey has sold away the buffalo to get money for Radhe’s bike. Bua hides the matter from him. Krishna shares a good talk with Dubey. Dubey feels his choice of guy for Krishna was right. Radhe sings a song out of tune and makes Dubey cry. Dubey likes Radhe’s honesty and simplicity. Radhe’s mum summons him to return home soon. Radhe falls in dilemma, since Krishna wants to stay with her family.


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