Mayavi Maling: Pranali to surprise everyone by her ruling conduct


Vaidehi informs Shil Aditya that Angad is leaving. He tells her that Pranali will manage the matter. Pranali requests Angad to talk to her in private. He doesn’t listen when she asks him to stay back in Maling. He tells her that he has to handle Mahapuram’s throne, as she has chosen the Maling’s throne. He gets angry that she doubts on him. He doesn’t think that she loves him. She tells him that she loves him and believes him too, the doubt was just about Madhumali. Pranali doesn’t want him to leave. He wants Pranali to beg to him and stop him. Pranali wishes Angad to come with her. He asks her to leave from the ship and let him leave. Pranali sheds tears and then turns strong to take a tough decision. She asks the soldiers to capture Angad and lock him in her room. This shocks Angad and Madhumali.

Pranali throws the attitude of a queen. Angad’s brothers take a stand for him and stop the soldiers from taking him. Angad asks Adhivanth not to interfere in his personal matter. He agrees to stay back. Shil Aditya doesn’t tell anything to Pranali and feels she has done the right thing to stop Angad in Maling. He asks her not to get weak by Angad’s love. Garima goes and confesses love to Adhivanth.

He clears out that he doesn’t love her. He gets insulting her and rejects her love. Pranali meets Angad and apologizes to him. She frees him from the chains and tells him that he is not her slave. He asks her why is she insulting him this way by claiming to love him. Pranali tells him that she is bearing the responsibility of Maling Rajya, but she needs his support to cross the journey. He reminds her the duties of a wife. She gets alerted about an unknown ship approaching Maling. Shil Aditya gets clueless about the new guest. He tells Pranali that she should not have enmity in heart, she should offer friendship and try to sustain the peace. He guides Pranali. Angad learns about Devi Kalindi, Madhumali’s daughter coming. Maling Rajya gets a huge shock on seeing Kalindi, a look alike of Madhumali.


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