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    Jiji Maa

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer compete and make the delicacies for Aaliya’s catering order. Ishita gets happy seeing their fights. She recollects the old time and directs them for the betterment. She asks them to not make extra dishes and just help Aaliya as she tells them. She makes the planning and tells them that they can finish the catering order on time. Parmeet tells Simmi that this isn’t good that the family is uniting again because of Ishita. Simmi wishes Ishita gets away from them forever. Simmi gets angry on seeing Ishita bonding with everyone. He tells her that Ishita will always be Raman’s priority. He asks her to talk to Raman. She is sure that Raman won’t listen to her. Ruhi asks Raman if he wants to go home and meet Ishita. Raman also gets interested to go home.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik comes home and meets Dadi. Dadi asks him about his stay at his friend’s place. Kirti and Naitik happen to meet Manish at the restaurant. Kirti tells them that she has decided their meet so that they can talk about Kartik and Naira. She wants to bring both the families together. Suwarna is also in the same restaurant with her friends. She gets to see Manish with Kirti. She doesn’t see Naitik and gets busy with her friends. She tells her friends that she won’t get in between Manish and Kirti. Manish tells Naitik that he wants to unite Kartik and Naira, who are made for each other. He tells that he couldn’t talk to Suwarna, she isn’t getting convinced, but the family wants to unite Kartik and Naira as he wants. Kirti tells them that she has a plan for it.


    Anika shows the value of honesty. She stops her aunt from committing the theft. Anika tells her that they have to be true. She stops her aunt from stealing any valuable things from Oberoi mansion. Anika and Shivay come face-to-face again. They recall their bitter counter before. Shivay asks her how did she come in his house at night. Anika tells him that she is here for Priyanka. Priyanka justifies that Anika is her friend, who saved her life. Shivay tells her that anyone random can’t be a friend. He tells her that Anika has planned to hurt Priyanka and then saved her life to gain advantage and have a job in their house. Anika denies to know Priyanka’s allergy. Shivay tells her that Priyanka is good-hearted and Anika has used her, without letting her know. He scolds Anika for hurting his weakness Priyanka.

    Mayavi Maling:

    Kalindi resembles Madhumali. She tells everyone that she is Madhumali’s daughter. She explains how Madhumali has ended ties with her. She claims the throne of Trishanku. She reveals that Madhumali has married Trishanku to cheat him. She spits poison against Madhumali. She tells Angad that she deserves the throne. Angad tells Pranali that Kalindi is any cheat, they shouldn’t believe her. He gets raging to attack Kalindi. Pranali stops Angad and tells him that Kalindi is her guest. She gets Angad caught by the soldiers to limit his anger. Kalindi challenges Angad and wants to get the throne at any cost. Pranali gets confused. She takes advice from Shil Aditya. Arak tells Garima that Adhivanth likes Eshwarya, not her.

    Garima wants to know who’s the girl. She doesn’t understand that he is talking about Eshwarya. Chegu tells Eshwarya about Kalindi. Eshwarya’s mum tries to keep her away from Chegu. Angad tells Shil Aditya that he deserves his throne, he doesn’t want Kalindi to have the throne. He is angered seeing the way things are changing. Shil Aditya tells Angad that Eshwarya has found the cause of Trishanku’s death. He wants to reach to the root of the matter and find who has killed Trishanku. Angad tells him that Kalindi has plotted Trishanku’s death. Angad gets upset seeing Pranali’s loss of trust on him. He asks her if she is hiding anything from him again. He feels he is punished by Queen Pranali.

    Shil Aditya apologizes to Pranali. He can’t express the entire truth to Angad, since Angad can’t earn his trust. He asks Pranali not to flow in emotions and keep some things secret from him. Eshwarya’s mum asks her not to have any relation with Chegu and warns her. Kalindi gets against Angad. They get into an argument. Kalindi tells Angad that he will die if he claims the throne. Pranali chooses Haran to spy on Kalindi. She wants to clear her doubts on Kalindi.


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