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Zoya blames herself for Yash involvement in the affair. She tells that she will prove Yash and Pooja loved each other and their relationship was truthful and sacred and they had deserved their happy ending. Aditya tells her that he will never justify someone’s betrayal and cheat. He will attack her from the front and then nothing will be left. He tells that he has decided to sell the house. Zoya asks why is he doing this. Aditya says when you don’t worry or care about my pain, then your pain also doesn’t matter to me.

Bitti Business Wali:

Mahi challenges Bitti that he will make her realize his love for her. Bitti is surprised. Later, he tells Laddo Singh about loving a girl. Laddo Singh asks him not to take love matter for marriage and end it right there. Mahi gets shocked.


Vikas, the lawyer makes Kritika believe that Malishka is molested by Ranbir. Kritika starts doubting Ranbir and misunderstood him. Jiana tells Kritika that Malishka has trapped Ranbir and that he can’t do such thing with any girl being a gentleman. Kritika asks her not to take his side and tells that she has seen Malishka’s state. Jiana argues with her. Kritika feels that Ranbir is guilty, but her heart says otherwise. Soon she will come to know about Vikas, Batra and Malishka’s plan to trap Ranbir and get his property.

Savitri Devi:

Jaya and Savitri’s attempt to stop the marriage fails. Veer challenges Dr. Kabir that he will take Sanchi with him. He stops Dr. Kabir from applying haldi to Sanchi’s face and he applies it to her face. Dr. Kabir gets angry. Veer plays the dhol and stays adamant.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

Sameer-Naina, and Munna-Swati have planned to go on a movie date. Sameer asks them not to tell Preeti, Kamya and Pandit else they will also come with them. They want to some time alone. Preeti comes to know about it and confronts Naina for hurting her feelings and hiding a big thing from her. Naina tells her that she doesn’t intend to hide anything from her.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:

Rithvik sends lovey-dovey messages to many guys from Palak’s dating account. Many guys come to the office and give her marriage proposal. Palak gets fed up reasoning with them that she didn’t chat with them. Rithvik enjoys the drama and then fires her for being unprofessional and breaking their company rules. Palak goes out crying. Palak comes to know about Rithvik’s conspiracy and curses him that he will fall in love with someone, but he will never get that girl. She curses him to get his heart broken like his ditches many girls and breaks their heart. Meanwhile, Vijay comes to know that there is really a problem in their medicine and tells Rithvik that Palak’s judgment was right. He asks him to call Palak. Rithvik gets tensed as he already fired her. Vijay tells him that he wants Palak back in his company.


Harman and Harak Singh initiate a fight with the partition of the house. Harman tells Harak Singh that they will not wipe the partition line until he accepts Soumya as his bahu. Harak Singh refuses to accept Soumya as his bahu and takes away all rights from Harman for doing his last rites. Soumya feels bad to see father and son fighting for her. Harman assures Soumya that everything will be fine and they spend some romantic moments.

Ranvir sees Roop playing with soft toys and takes Shamsher there, and tells him that Roop plays with girly soft toys. Shamsher gets angry and asks Kamla and his daughter to throw all the toys out. Kamla and others keep the toys in the blanket and pack them. Shamsher tells them that Roop will not become a man if he plays with soft toys. Roop comes to his room to play and sees all toys missing. He cries. His sisters pacify him and tell about Shamsher’s decision.

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai:

KK calls Goel and asks him to meet. Later, he sends a parcel to KK with proofs against Sudhanshu. KK gets shocked and says you didn’t do right. Siddhant manages to create misunderstandings between them. Vedant misunderstands Anushka’s friendship to be love. Karthik suffers in his bad marriage and apologizes to Purva for being rude. Purva forgives him.


Shivay gets emotional on Priyanka’s Roka. They have an emotional moment. Priyanka’s would be husband Daksh has evil intentions. Shivay doesn’t know about Daksh’s motives. Shivay hugs Priyanka and makes her have the Roka chunri. Anika adorns Priyanka and makes her looks stunning. Obros get Priyanka for the Roka ritual. Anika gets impressed seeing Shivay’s emotional side. Daksh shows Priyanka’s name tattoo to everyone and expresses his love for Priyanka. He hides his true intentions from Shivay and family. The family gathers for Priyanka’s roka and clicks selfies.



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