Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi to confess love to Pragya in a critical moment


Robbers Boss talks to the Inspector and asks his men to get ready for the firework. Aaliya orders Purab and Disha to leave and throws their bag in the hall. Tanu suggests Aaliya not to let Purab go, else she will never get him in her life. Aaliya tells her that she doesn’t need her advice. Police try to enter inside, but robbers kill some of the constables. Robber asks Inspector to let him do the robbery and explains to him that he will go on a helicopter and will be having Abhishek Prem Mehra with them. Inspector doesn’t believe him and asks for proofs. Pragya gets shocked. Constable tells Inspector that Abhishek Mehra is inside and must be hidden.

King comes to know about the bank robbery and rushes out of a house with Chachi, Kiara, and Tarun. He reaches the bank and tells Inspector that he wants to go inside. Meanwhile, Aaliya, Tanu, and Purab reach there. Aaliya hears Inspector talking about CCTV room and thinks to find out what is there. Robber asks Pragya about her relation with Abhi and searches on the net. He calls Abhi and tells him that his wife is in his captivity and asks him to come there and wipe her tears as she is scared and crying. He threatens to kill Abhi.

Pragya tells him that she is not his wife and he is not her husband. Goon threatens to slap her. She thinks this is the only way to keep Abhi safe. Abhi gets upset and thinks she might not want to regard him what he is, but he will always regard her as his wife. He thinks to go there and save her. Abhi goes there and tells Pragya not to tell again that she doesn’t know him. He says we don’t have any relation between us now, but we had in past. He says I don’t know what I mean to you, but I know that I am not a stranger to you. Pragya gets emotional. The Robbers Keep Abhi captive by pointing the gun at Pragya. Abhi confesses his love for her seeing their lives in danger.


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