Kundali Bhagya: Sherlyn and Prithvi’s affair to get surfaced


Prithvi comes to Karan’s room in the night to get the Slambook, but he escapes without taking the SLAM book. Sherlyn decides to go to hospital to terminate the pregnancy. Preeta calls Karan and asks him about Slam book. Karan tells that lock is not opening. She asks if he didn’t get any proofs and lying to her. Karan jokes with her that he is very possessive about her and tells that he called a locksmith to open the lock. He asks her to come home fast. Rakhi takes the call and asks Preeta to bring Dadi’s reports from the hospital. Preeta agrees. Sherlyn comes to the hospital and asks appointment for the doctor, but Nurse asks her to take an appointment and says she is not free for next three days. Sherlyn goes to the Doctor’s cabin. Preeta is also in the hospital.

Nurse tells her about Sherlyn without taking her name. Preeta asks her to give x-ray reports. Nurse asks her to take keys from the other nurse. Sherlyn meets the Doctor and tells that she is feeling pain. Doctor asks did you tell everyone at home. Sherlyn asks her to check her now itself. Doctor says I am busy today.

Sherlyn shouts at her and gets irritated. Doctor asks her not to take stress and says all these symptoms are fine. Sherlyn asks her to check her. Doctor gives her appointment and asks her to wait. Preeta misses hearing them.

Sherlyn scolds nurse for lying to her and says Doctor gave me today’s appointment. Preeta gets the keys from the other nurse. Nurse gives her x-ray reports and asks her to sign. Preeta sees Sherlyn’s name on maternity register. She asks Nurse. Nurse tells her that she is very mannerless girl. Preeta thinks Sherlyn is pregnant. Karan gets the lock opened and reads the Slam book. Preeta also reads her slam book and gets shocked to know about Sherlyn and Prithvi’s affair. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that they would have opened her slam book by now and read it. Sherlyn panics. She asks Prithvi to accompany her to hospital. Karan and Preeta come to the hospital and see them together.


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