Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: A big twist around Nandini in Mauli’s success party

Silsila: New friendship twist indicating Nandini

Mauli has reached a new milestone in her career. Nandini helps Kunal in planning the surprise for Mauli. Kunal compliments Dida for looking like a fairy. Dida thanks Kunal and boasts of her beauty. She asks where is the star of the day. He tells her that stars make late entry. Mauli makes an entry and stuns everyone. They all get complimenting Mauli.

Kunal throws a success party for Mauli and surprises her. They celebrate with family and known people. He has always supported Mauli. He asks the guests to raise the toast for Mauli, who is much dedicated and positive. He speaks good about Mauli for having humility. Mauli’s mum sees Nandini in the party and asks her to stay away from Nandini. Mauli tells her mum that Nandini has left Rajdeep and now she stays with them.

Mauli’s mum asks her to recall Nandini’s cheat and make her out of the home, else it won’t be good for her. Mauli asks her to talk in low tone, Nandini will get upset if she hears anything. Mauli shows her belief in Nandini. Kunal praises Nandini and makes her smile. He calls her a perfect homemaker. Nandini gets a huge shock seeing Rajdeep’s client Makhija. She tensely gets away from the party. She doesn’t want Kunal and Mauli to know whatever happened before. Nandini wants to secure Mauli’s happiness. Makhija comes to ruin Nandini’s peace. He chases Nandini and troubles her. He spoils the party. Kunal and Mauli take a stand for Nandini. They learn about Rajdeep’s crime and gets a huge shock.


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