Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Kulffi Kumarr Bajewala bring track-changing twists


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Mrs. Bhalla asks the family members to do arrangements for Roshni’s comfortable stay. She is afraid that Roshni won’t leave Ishita and come. She tells them that court will not deny that its Adi’s child and belongs to them, none can stop them from getting their heir. She plans to welcome Roshni well. She gets too happy. She asks Mihika to decorate a room for Roshni. Mihika tells Mrs. Bhalla that the decision is in Roshni’s hands, she may refuse to come here. She says the room is almost ready and I have done baby shopping as well, but I don’t think Roshni will leave Ishita and come to stay here.

Mrs. Bhalla gets sad and asks Mihika to send all the things at Ishita’s home. She gets tension and falls sick. Raman worries for his mother’s sorrow. Mrs. Bhalla feels she has lost the last chance to get her heir. She misses her medicines and stays sorrowful. Raman asks them not to lose hopes so soon. Ruhi pacifies Mrs. Bhalla and tells her that Ishita will always decide things in their favor. Roshni decides to keep a condition in front of Raman, so that she can make Raman and Ishita reconcile. She feels sorry that they got separated because of her. Roshni wants Ishita to get the same love and respect back in the family. She gets ready to give the Bhalla heir to them only if Ishita gets her rights in Bhalla house. What will Raman decide? Will Roshni succeed in uniting IshRa? Keep reading.

Kulffi Kumarr Bajewala:
Sikandar wants Kulfi to get her rights, but she has decided to leave his house. He stops her and tells her that he has decided to launch her. He asks her not to ruin his hard work, he has many expectations from her, knowing her immense talents. Kulfi cries and apologizes to him. She tells him that she can’t sing. She doesn’t want Sikandar to face troubles because of her. He tells her that he is her Guru and he wants his Guru Dakshina. She doesn’t wish Lovely to turn annoyed with Sikandar. She says your bond with Amyra will also spoil, you punish me and let me leave. Sikandar asks what can I punish you, you cheated music and lent voice to Amyra, that was completely wrong and ended her own identity. He falls asleep. She takes his footprints on a paper and silently leaves from his house. She gets crying and wants his life to stay peaceful.


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