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Krishna Chali London: Radhe’s mum gives a tough task to Krishna. She makes Krishna wash all the utensils at one go. She tries to add up difficulties for Krishna. Krishna had dreams to study further and become a doctor. Her dreams shatter when Radhe’s mum moulds her into household work. Shukla and his wife bound Krishna by making her busy in work. Krishna calls up Bua and tells the problem. Bua asks her to do any drama and make a leave. Krishna gets ideas from Bua. She acts to faint. Radhe’s mum takes her to the room and asks her to rest. Radhe comes to Krishna and reminds her that they need to leave for the competition. Krishna wants to rush and participate in the competition. She finishes all the work and then goes with Radhe by taking a disguise.

Tu Aashiqui:

Pankti wants to stay ahead of JD and fail him in his own plan, while JD aims to snatch her from Ahaan forever, even if he has to go to the extent of killing Sheetal and Ahaan. JD’s truth gets exposed in front of everyone. JD kidnaps Ahaan. He beats up Ahaan and blackmails Pankti to come to him. He makes a video call and shows Ahaan’s terrible state to her, asking her to surrender if she really cares for Ahaan. Ahaan asks Pankti not to come to JD. Pankti gets worried for Ahaan and Sheetal’s lives.

Jiji Maa:
Suyash and Falguni will be seen having a dreamy romance. Niyati tells Cinderella story to Falguni. Falguni likes the story and expresses that she wants to become Cinderella. Niyati arranges a date for Suyash and Falguni. Jayant and Vidhaan help Niyati in arrangements. Suyash awaits Falguni. Suyash tries to remind her their love journey. He wishes she regains her memory. He surprises her with the romantic set up with Cinderella theme. He imagines a romantic dance with her. She asks him to teach her dance. He turns into her hero again. He makes an attempt and hopes she recollects everything. Falguni acts kiddish and he turns disappointed.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Sahil saves Vedika from Pandey and goons. He beats the goons. Vedika hugs Sahil and cries. They soon come home and stop Yash and fake Vedika’s marriage. They expose Nidhi as well. Vedika slaps Nidhi and scolds her for threatening everyone. Nidhi gets outdone by Agarwals. Sahil and Vedika’s romance will be seen. They have solved all the problems by power of love. Sahil dreams of Vedika. Their romance will be seen as part of Sahil’s dream sequence. Sahil proposes to Vedika once again. He asks her not to reject his love this time. Vedika accepts Sahil’s proposal. Sahil and Vedika decide to get married. Their marriage will be bringing big twists. Sahil’s dream finally gets fulfilled. Badi Amma doesn’t want them to get married. She separates Sahil and Vedika once again.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren and Pooja have an argument. Danish reaches Naren and asks him about the problem. Naren slaps Danish and asks him to stay out of his matters. Pooja is snatching his political position. Naren taunts her for differentiating between Sasural and Maayka. She asks Naren to think what he has done. Naren and Pooja get taunting each other. Pooja goes for the Vatsavitri puja. Supriya doesn’t come for the puja, since Pooja is present at home. Pooja tries to convince her, but she doesn’t listen. She holds Pooja responsible for Angraj’s missing body. She has a misconception around Pooja and her family.


Anika and Gauri make chandan lep for Priyanka. Gauri applies chandan to Anika as well and wishes Anika gets married soon. Daksh eyes Anika and reaches her in Gauri’s absence. Anika struggles to save her dignity. She fights back and pushes away Daksh. Shivay gets close to Anika’s place, but misses to see Daksh. He turns into a savior for Anika. Daksh makes an escape on seeing Shivay. He spares Anika. When Gauri sees Anika, she asks what has happened with Anika. Anika tells her the bad incident. She tries to share her sorrow with her strong-headed sister Gauri. Anika tells Gauri that someone tried to molest her, but she couldn’t see the person in darkness. She gets terrified. Gauri pacifies Anika. She gets angry and asks her to raise a voice and get justice.


Suraj and Chakor have an emotional moment. Suraj tells her that though he will be with Naina and trap her in love, but he will always be just of Chakor. Chakor gets new clothes for him so that he can impress Naina with a new look. Suraj calls her a great woman to sacrifice so much for the nation, its not an easy task to send her husband to impress someone else. He understands that she is facing a low and still doing her duty. He cheers her up and tells her that she will be away from him, but will always stay in his heart.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Sikandar brings Kulfi to the radio station and asks her to sing the song with confidence. He asks her to sing by her heart and prove that she has a true soul. She asks him not to make her sing. He asks her not to think of Amyra and get a name for her talents. He explains that he is doing good for her and Amyra. He motivates her to sing and asks her to stop overthinking about others. He convinces her to sing. Kulfi hugs him. He wishes her all the best. He waits for her outside and sends her in for going on air. Sikandar gets excited. He then learns that Kulfi has disappeared.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Aarohi just regarded Danny as her friend. When he proposed Aarohi, she raised a hand on him. She doesn’t like Danny’s feelings for her. She scolds him for cheating her friendship and proving her wrong. Deep plays dhol and surprises Aarohi. He reaches Aarohi’s house and proposes her. Aarohi accepts the proposal. They both dance and romance in front of Danny. Deep brings interesting twists by declaring his marriage decision. He gives the wedding invitation card to Danny. He turns Danny jealous. Deep and Aarohi will be marrying again.

Vivaan learns Meera is leaving the house. He rushes to stop her. Vivaan makes a hearty apology and convinces Meera to stay back in their relation. Meera keeps the marriage and gives him another chance. Vivaan promises to make up for his mistakes. Meera thinks Vivaan will be confessing love to her. Meera also wants to confess love to Vivaan. She dreams about Vivaan, and realizes that he is the right guy for her. Her confusion gets cleared. She rushes to confess love to Vivaan. Vivaan plans a romantic date for Meera. Meera gets happily surprised by his efforts. They will be seen coming close. Meera gets a bad shock when she gets divorce papers.


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