Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara to challenge Kabeer with a hope of reconcilation

Ishq SubhanAllah Elena marriage twist next

Zara returns to Kabeer’s house, but doesn’t get the same place in the family. Kabeer disowns Zara. He packs his bags and moves out of their room. Zara makes attempts to reconcile with him. She makes his favorite food. She asks him to keep his arrogance aside and have food. Kabeer reminds her that he has divorced her from his heart, even if she stays along, his decision won’t change. They are following the conditions as set in Nikaah. She tells him that they both will get 30 days each to prove themselves right. They have to spend two months together. Zara makes a plan and challenges him to fulfill her conditions.

Kabeer agrees to her. His anger doesn’t end. He stops caring for Zara. Zara is trying hard to change Kabeer’s decision. Kabeer’s mum supports Zara, while the entire family changes behavior towards her. Zara is strong and knows how to save her relation. Zara is hopeful to mend her relation. She wishes Kabeer supports her again. She manages the tough situations. She doesn’t leave her duties and looks after him. Zara loves Kabeer a lot, and knows he loves her too. Zara wishes their hearts unite again.


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