Krishna Chali London: Krishna’s big lie to get caught

Krishna Chali London: Shukla seeks Krishna's help

Radhe’s mum gives a tough task to Krishna. She makes Krishna wash all the utensils at one go. She tries to add up difficulties for Krishna. Krishna had dreams to study further and become a doctor. Her dreams shatter when Radhe’s mum moulds her into household work. Shukla and his wife bound Krishna by making her busy in work. Krishna calls up Bua and tells the problem. Bua asks her to do any drama and make a leave. Krishna gets ideas from Bua. She acts to faint.

Radhe’s mum takes her to the room and asks her to rest. Radhe comes to Krishna and reminds her that they need to leave for the competition. Krishna wants to rush and participate in the competition. She finishes all the work and then goes with Radhe by taking a disguise. Krishna and Radhe win the couple competition. Bela tells the family that Krishna has cheated them and also made Radhe lie to them in order to win the competition.

Radhe’s mum asks how can Krishna lie and cross the limits when we asked her not to participate. She tells Shukla that he has got a problem home. Shukla gets angry on Krishna and asks her if she has really participated. Shukla vents out anger on Krishna. She reveals to him the good intentions and justifies her move.

Krishna and Radhe decorate their new house together. Krishna gifts her a nameplate. He gets glad seeing Mr and Mrs. Shukla. They have a dream house filled with happiness. They look ahead to start a new life. Radhe is hopeful that she loves him. This dream house turns out to be his dream, which soon breaks.


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