Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman and Ishita’s united decision to bring families together

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unthinkable Discovery

Raman hands over the custody notice to Ishita and asks her to contest in court if she wants to try and get the custody for Adi’s child. Raman and Ishita has fought for custody for their children before, but this time they are against each other. The family doesn’t like their clashes. Roshni too gets disheartened and sinks in guilt over IshRa’s distancing relatopn. She puts forth her condition in front of Raman and asks him to get back to Ishita. She agrees to hand over the child to Bhallas only if Raman and Ishita come together.

Everyone worries thinking of Roshni’s decision. Mrs. Bhalla refuses to go to court and know Roshni’s decision. She knows Roshni will refuse to give the child to her. Raman tells the judge that he has decided that he will stay with Ishita for the sake of Adi’s child. He gets helpless in front of Roshni’s condition. Ishita also agrees to live with Raman for the child’s good future. She returns home with Roshni and packs bags. She gets annoyed with Roshni. Roshni tells her that she wanted to bring Raman and her together, she was feeling guilty seeing her life.

She asks Ishita to scold or slap her, but not stay silent. She asks Ishita to understand her concern. She says this was my only chance to bring you and Raman together, I didn’t wish to hurt you, don’t get angry. Ishita tells her that she isn’t annoyed, but she is afraid thinking of Aaliya, who has lost everything, she can’t do wrong with Aaliya, if she stays there, Aaliya will see her husband’s murderer all the time at home, which will remind her the sorrow.

Ishita doesn’t want to make Aaliya’s wounds fresh. Ishita goes to Bhalla house to meet Aaliya. She apologizes to Aaliya and tells her that she was helpless to leave her and support Roshni, since it was about Adi’s child. She agrees that it was not the fault of Adi’s child, she couldn’t leave Roshni in such state. She convinces Aaliya and hopes their bond gets fine. Ishita meets her family and enjoys a feast with them after a long time. Ishita gets happy that her relations with Iyers and Bhallas got fine.


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