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Siddhi Vinayak:
Manjiri lays a plan to get Vin killed, so that she can put the blame on Shivam. She abducts Juhi and pressurizes Shivam to kill Vin in order to save his daughter’s life. Shivam gets helpless to obey her commands. Manjiri changes her mind and makes a plan to get Shivam killed as well. She asks her hired shooter to kill Shivam, once Vin gets shot. Manjiri wants to rule over Kundra mansion and introduce her son to the family, to make him the only heir of Kundra family. Siddhi receives a huge shock on finding Juhi and Vin in huge trouble.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Zara returns to Kabeer’s house, but doesn’t get the same place in the family. Kabeer disowns Zara. He packs his bags and moves out of their room. Zara makes attempts to reconcile with him. She makes his favorite food. She asks him to keep his arrogance aside and have food. Kabeer reminds her that he has divorced her from his heart, even if she stays along, his decision won’t change. They are following the conditions as set in Nikaah. She tells him that they both will get 30 days each to prove themselves right. They have to spend two months together. Zara makes a plan and challenges him to fulfill her conditions.

Savitri Devi:

Gayatri had a memory loss after getting the wrong injection. She just remembers that Sanchi is Veer’s wife. She asks Sanchi if she didn’t cook the food. Gayatri dines with everyone after a long time. She tells everyone that she took good time to recover. She gets surprised seeing Sanchi with Kabir. Kabir serves food to Sanchi and acts like a loving husband. She asks Savitri about Sanchi. Gayatri gets happy and laughingly tells Veer that she has told them already about Sanchi’s bad character, she has trapped Veer first and then Kabir. Veer turns angry and breaks the glass by hand. Kabir asks Veer not to do any drama and accept it for everyone’s betterment. Veer’s hand bleeds. Sanchi gets worried for Veer. Dr. Kabir and Gayatri’s behavior make Veer angered.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:

Rajat cheats Akhilesh and Ira. They were trying to help Rajat and make Siddhi apologize to him for pushing him down the stairs. Akhilesh was relieved when Rajat promised of not calling the police for Siddhi’s arrest. Rajat calls the police to get Siddhi arrested. Akhilesh does a brother’s duty and accepts the blame to save Siddhi from the mess. Akhilesh gets arrested. Ira doesn’t understand why Rajat has changed his plan and trapped Akhilesh. Siddhi feels bad for Akhilesh. Ira begs Rajat to take his complaint back. Rajat asks her to leave Akhilesh and come to him. Rajat keeps cheap demands in front of Ira, which leaves her much shocked.

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha:

Kanchan hides about her past from everyone. Kirti informs Kanchan that Nandan is calling the pest control service guys home. Kanchan worries knowing the house is getting cleaned. She runs home to get the letters which she has written to her mother. She has shared her heart out in the letters. She finds Nandan with the box. She worries that he may read the letters. She asks Nandan to give the box to her and leave the house, as he maybe troubled by the pesticides. Kanchan and her family go out for dinner. Kanchan stays relieved after hiding the box inside her scooty storage.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman hands over the custody notice to Ishita and asks her to contest in court if she wants to try and get the custody for Adi’s child. Raman and Ishita has fought for custody for their children before, but this time they are against each other. The family doesn’t like their clashes. Roshni too gets disheartened and sinks in guilt over IshRa’s distancing relatopn. She puts forth her condition in front of Raman and asks him to get back to Ishita. She agrees to hand over the child to Bhallas only if Raman and Ishita come together.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna and Radhe decorate their new house together. Krishna gifts her a nameplate. He gets glad seeing Mr and Mrs. Shukla. They have a dream house filled with happiness. They look ahead to start a new life. Radhe is hopeful that she loves him. This dream house turns out to be his dream, which soon breaks.


Ranvir troubles Roop and cuts his bag. Roop gets too angry and scolds Ranvir. He asks Shamsher to solve his mess, how will he go to school with the bag. Kinjal sees Ranvir’s bad doings and pulls his hair to beat him. Kinjal and Ranvir fight. Shamsher stops their fight. Ranvir lies to Shamsher and tells why he has cut Roop’s school bag with scissors. Shamsher forgives Ranvir. Roop gets angry when Shamsher doesn’t take any action. He wants Shamsher to love him more than Ranvir. Shamsher gets a new bag for Roop and solves the problem.

Soumya and family celebrate Surbhi’s birthday. Soumya’s presence makes Surbhi happy. Everyone knows that Varun has tortured Surbhi. Soumya learns about Surbhi’s pregnancy. She feels bad that Surbhi has tolerated a lot and didn’t share anything with her. She apologizes to Surbhi for not being with her in the hour of need.


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