Bepannaah: Aditya and Zoya decide to move on to greener pastures


Aditya decides to sell the house. Zoya tries to stop him. He tries to throws the photo frame, but Zoya holds it and is about to fall down, but her father holds her. She decides to move on and thinks there is nothing infront but darkness. Her mum gives her strength and says there is a darkness before morning. Zoya says she don’t know who is right between Aditya and her. Zoya and her family come to her father’s friend house. Friend’s wife tells Zoya to think positive. She sees Yash’s pic on Zoya’s phone and thinks he was with Pooja that day. Mr. Hooda and Aditya get worried about Zoya searching proofs to use in favor of Yash. Zoya gets restless and goes to friend’s wife hospital.

She asks her to tell if she knew anything about Pooja. She asks her to be courageous being a doctor and pleads in front of her. Doctor tells her that Pooja was pregnant with Yash’s child. Zoya is shocked and shattered. She feels betrayed by Yash.

Zoya brings file to Aditya and tells him that Yash and Pooja wanted to divorce us and get married. She tells that Pooja was pregnant with Yash’s baby. He gets upset. Zoya asks him to move on and tells that she thinks him as her friend and that’s why brought this. Aditya asks her to leave him alone.

Zoya and Aditya’s lives will be seeing lights of happiness again. They decide to part ways and move on in their own lives. They sit at the lake side and recollect their past journey. They drop Yash and Pooja’s pictures in the lake. They abandon off their past memories in the water. Zoya also wants to forget the bitter memories. Aditya and Zoya have a moment. They feel relieved as their decisions got them free from past baggage. They promise to not look into the past and forget the deceive by Yash and Pooja. Zoya and Aditya wish each other all the best for their new beginnings. Aditya and Zoya’s lives will meet at a same crossing again.



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