Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Ishqbaaz to unveil Ishita’s entry and Anika’s exit

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Ishqbaaz

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Bhallas welcome Ishita. Ishita and Raman’s grahpravesh will be seen. Ruhi gets happy to have Ishita back in the family. Roshni has done this miracle. She has made the impossible possible. Ruhi gets Raman and Ishita together for the Aarti. She does their tilak. She takes Ishita to the room and asks Raman not to argue, and just share the room with Ishita. Raman gets helpless and lets Ishita stay. Ruhi reminds that Raman behaved the same way when Ishita came home post marriage. Ishita recollects the old time. Raman stays upset with Ishita.

Even Mani gets annoyed. He arrives there to meet Ishita. He tells Ishita that he didn’t wish Roshni to stay with Bhallas, he has already told her about Aaliya’s state. Ishita understands his concern. She tells him that she has spoken to Aaliya and is trying hard to sustain good relations with everyone. She assures Mani that she won’t let anyone hurt Aaliya’s sentiments. Mani hopes that Ishita doesn’t forget Aaliya while getting busy with Bhalla family.


Anika calls up Payal to the Oberoi mansion. She wants Payal to tell the truth of the incident so that she can convince Shivay. Anika asks Payal to tell Shivay that she has visited the house. Payal tells Shivay that she has no idea about Anika. Anika asks her if Daksh wasn’t there. She tries to prove the truth. Shivay tells Anika that if this was true, he would have seen her at Payal’s house. He asks Anika where was she, where was Daksh at that time when he went to collect Priyanka’s dress from Payal’s house. He tells her that he didn’t see anyone there, he just went to get the dress and left soon. He says if you went to Payal’s house, you would have got the dress. Payal lies in front of Shivay. Anika doesn’t know why is Payal saving Daksh. Shivay is upset and feels Anika is making stories to gain their sympathy and reap benefits. He tells Anika that he will trust Daksh more than her.

Shivay asks Anika to leave from the house, before he calls the security. He yells at her and asks her to just get lost. He asks her to come to him only if she has any evidence to prove her presence at Payal’s house. Anika has Shivay’s cufflink with her. She thinks to produce the evidence and prove the truth.


  1. The stories of both the serials are really very interesting and exciting…..
    Waiting to see more twist and turns in the serial ishqbaaz


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