Bepannaah: Pooja’s pregnancy truth to turn Aditya guilty


Zoya meets Dr. Inayath and requests her if she can give written testimony in court so that case ends there itself and don’t go on a trial. Dr. Inayath hesitantly agrees. Zoya thanks her. Mr. Hooda files defamation case against Dr. Inayath for accusing his dead daughter-in-law of character assassination and threatens her to get her medical licence cancelled. Dr. Inayath is taken by the Police for questioning. Waseem assures to take her out. Zoya gets upset. She sees Aditya there. She runs to him and blames him for taking advantage of her goodness and truthfulness. She says she gave him that report so that he gets less pain and asks him to stop playing with lives of Doctor, Yash etc.. Aditya says they had played with our lives. He tells that he don’t want to get humiliated in front of the world and tells that you might want to tell the people that your husband was a big man to make someone’s wife pregnant. He asks her to spare him.

He says you think you are not perfect and had problem in your marriage. He says my marriage was perfect and I knew Pooja since childhood. He tells that Yash and Pooja had betrayed us and this is the truth. Zoya asks him to leave his selfish attitude. Aditya says my hatred is legitimate, you will not understand being great wife of a God husband. He tears pregnancy reports and throws on her. He goes to the bar and drinks wine thinking about Zoya’s words that Pooja was pregnant with Yash’s baby.

He hallucinates Yash and Pooja together and teasing him. He drives the car and gets arrested for drunken driving. Inspector takes him to Police station. Sakshi blocks Zoya at the door and tells that she can’t go like this. Aditya is shattered and takes out his heart in front of all. He says it was my mistake to marry Pooja, she cheated on me and become mother of someone’s baby. Sakshi comes there and slaps Aditya. Mr. Hooda, his wife and Zoya get shocked. Sakshi reveals that Pooja was carrying Aditya’s baby. She tells that Yash didn’t want Pooja to abort the child and was willing to give his name to her baby. Aditya looks on with tears in his eyes. Zoya decides to withdraw the case.


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